New scam installs application on victims’ cell phones to gain access to passwords

Scams carried out by cybercriminals are getting more and more robust and, most of the time, they use social engineering to persuade victims and apply the trap. The Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban) has warned of a new attack that is claiming victims: the “Phantom Hand Coup”.

Through social engineering, which consists of psychologically manipulating the user to provide him with confidential information, the criminal poses as an employee of the victim’s bank informing him that the account has been hacked or cloned. To solve this problem, the suspect tells the victim that he will forward a link to install an application. When the user clicks on this link, downloads this app, the criminal will have access to all the data that is on the cell phone.

In the case of this scam, criminals perform searches on the device looking for passwords eventually stored by users in applications and websites.

In a note, Febraban clarifies that bank applications have maximum security at all stages, from development to use by the customer.

“The bank never calls the customer asking him to install any type of application on his cell phone. It also never calls asking for a password or card number or for the customer to make a transfer or any type of payment to supposedly settle a problem account”, warns Adriano Volpini, director of the Federation’s Fraud Prevention Committee.

If you have received a call of this type, be careful, because it is a scam. Febraban advises that person to contact the institution through official channels.

Tips of the Week

Restore Deleted Videos

Unintentionally deleting a photo, video or important file from the cell phone is a dread among users. If this happened to you, don’t worry, there’s a solution. It is possible to recover some files through free applications. Most are aimed at Android system, but the column also separated an option for iOS users to do this recovery. Check out the three tips:

Restore Deleted Videos

The Restore Deleted Videos app, as its name implies, is aimed at when a video is deleted by the user and needs to be recovered. With this app, you can restore videos
your phone’s storage. Videos that were not deleted
may also appear in the app.

This app is more geared towards recovering photos and contacts. The user can “filter” what he wants to recover. Photos are shown in thumbnails with file format and size, and contacts appear in detail, with person’s name and phone number.

iOS users can use this app to recover deleted photos. The app is also used to delete those duplicate photos in the smartphone gallery. It has the paid version, which is called “Premium”, with more functions for users, as if it were an assistant, without ads on the iPhone.


Apple presented the iPhone 14 this Wednesday, 7, at an event in California (USA). The new version of the device is equipped with an A15 Bionic processor, with a look similar to the version 13, and costs US$ 799 (R$ 4.1 thousand), in the case of the most “basic” model, reaching 1,999 (R$ 10, 4 thousand), in the case of the Pro Max version (pictured). One of the main novelties of the device is the serious accident detector, which automatically activates rescuers and emergency contact in the event of a serious accident, for example. At the same event, Apple also presented the Watch Series 8, SE and Watch Ultra smartwatches, as well as the second generation of the AirPods Pro wireless headset.

Since last weekend, a young man’s tweet has gone viral on social media, with more than 200,000 likes and 2,000 comments. The post says that the laser lights used during DJ Alok’s concert, at Rock in Rio, would have burned his cell phone camera. Due to the repercussion, the question remained: can laser light really burn a camera? The answer is yes. Even in September last year, Sony published an alert regarding this. In the statement, the company warned users not to point the camera at the laser, as the rays can cause damage to the image sensor and camera malfunction. Another tip is to cover the lens or keep the device in the bag when not using it.

In addition to the tweet being shared on social networks, mainly on Instagram, it was also news on several websites. During the week, Alok shared a video on his Instagram in which he shows that the laser can, yes, damage the cell phone camera, but, in his show, the rays were pointed upwards, so that the equipment would not be related to the boy camera malfunction.

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