Photographer who took last pictures details encounter

Jane Barlow, the photographer who took the last images of Queen Elizabeth II, gave details of her last meeting with the monarch. Barlow photographed the Queen’s meeting with the UK’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss last Tuesday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The British sovereign died yesterday, aged 96, on the same Scottish estate.

According to the photographer, Elizabeth was “good-natured” despite appearing frail. While the meeting with Truss didn’t start, Barlow took some pictures of the queen alone. She says that the two talked about a pleasant subject: the inclement weather, the dark sky and the heavy rain that fell throughout the day.

Barlow, who has been a photographer for the Press Association news agency for six years and has taken several royal photographs, said the Queen “smiled a lot” at her that day.

“It’s a great privilege to have taken this photo, an honor and a privilege. Much of our work is like that. I was there to photograph her meeting the new prime minister, but for me, the best photo is of the Queen alone. , which has obviously become more significant now,” he said.

Regarding the queen’s state of health, Barlow said she appeared more debilitated than in recent months.

“She certainly looked more fragile than she did when I photographed her over the summer. [junho, julho e agosto no Reino Unido]. When she came to the Holyrood Week event, it was said that she would attend one or two engagements, but she was very active that week.”

change in the anthem

The official anthem of the United Kingdom was sung for the first time today after undergoing changes to its lyrics. The event took place at St. Paul in London at the end of the memorial service for Queen Elizabeth II, who died aged 96. “God Save the Queen” was changed to “God Save the King” — marking the beginning of the reign of Charles III, the monarch’s eldest son.

The lyrics of “God Save the Queen” remained the same in essence, but mentions of “queen” were replaced with “king”, in addition to “she” and “her”, replaced by “he” and “his”.

Queen Elizabeth II died Thursday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. She had been placed under medical observation the same day — her immediate family members were informed and traveled to the scene.

In power for 70 years, the monarch had been experiencing health problems. In October of last year, she spent the night in the hospital and had to rest.

Elizabeth was also diagnosed with covid-19 in February, when she was already vaccinated. Months later, she revealed that she was “very tired and exhausted” after contracting the virus.

Elizabeth is survived by four children from her 73-year relationship with Prince Philip, who died last year: Charles (heir to the throne and now known as Charles III), Anne, Andrew and Edward.

Queen Elizabeth 2nd

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