Reinforced box! Cruzeiro surpasses BRL 20 million in income in Series B

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Fan embraced Cruzeiro in 2022 and records expressive audience numbers in Serie B

One of the leaders in public media in Brazil in 2022, Cruzeiro has been counting on its supporters not only for the parties that push the team into Serie B of the Brazilian Championship, but also to strengthen its cash flow.

This Thursday (9), when they beat Operrio 1-0, in Mineiro, Raposa surpassed the expressive mark of R$ 20 million accumulated in income from matches in the Second Division.

The duel for the 29th round of Serie B registered an audience of 52,751 – the 4th largest for Cruzeiro in this Serie B – and income of R$ 1,930,442.00. Added to the other 14 games as home team, Raposa already has an amount of R$ 20,966,415.37.

It is worth noting that fees, taxes and operating expenses are deducted from gross income. There is also what the Sociedade Anima do Futebol (SAF) do Cruzeiro passes on to the association. There is, therefore, no public calculation of the celestial club’s net profit on this millionaire turnover.

The amount also does not consider matches for the Copa do Brasil. To give you an idea, just in the match against Fluminense, in the return game of the round of 16, Raposa recorded an income of R$ 2,674,320.00. The miners were defeated 3-0 and ended up eliminated from the competition.

In addition to contributing to the games, Cruzeiro fans returned to honor Scio 5 Estrelas. Today, there are more than 67 thousand members. If it hits the 70,000 mark, the club will reach a turnover of R$ 30 million/year with the program.

Cruzeiro audience and income ranking

1st Cruise 1 x 1 Cricima – 58,702 (R$ 2,478,008.00)

2nd Cruise 2 x 0 Sampaio Corra – 58,397 (R$ 2,466,489.50)

3rd Cruise 2 x 0 Ponte Preta – 58,076 (R$ 2,378,469.50)

4th Cruise 1 x 0 Worker-PR – 52,751 (R$ 1,930,442.00)

5th Cruise 1 x 0 Bahia – 49,066 (R$ 1,649,181.04)

6th Cruise 2 x 1 Novorizontino – 46,890 (R$ 1,453,852.00)

7th Cruise 2 x 0 Tombense – 42,274 (R$1,264,718.00)

8th Cruise 2 x 0 CRB – ​​42,004 (R$ 1,498,743.50)

9th Cruise 2 x 1 Sport – 39,032 (R$ 1,008,670.50)

10th Cruise 2 x 0 Vila Nova-GO – 34,957 (R$ 951,228.50)

11th Cruzeiro 1 x 1 Chapecoense – 22,432 (R$ 1,816,425.00)

12th Cruise 1 x 0 Grmio – 21,831 (R$ 610,879.00)

13th Cruise 4 x 0 Nutico – 21,228 (R$ 600,345.33)

14th Cruise 1 x 0 Brusque – 19,115 (R$ 542,074.50)

15th Cruise 1 x 0 Londrina – 14,074 (R$ 316,889.00)

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