Release up to BRL 5,000 on Nubank through THIS step-by-step

Nubank is one of the largest fintechs offering financial services in Latin America. Thus, in Brazilian territory alone, the digital bank has millions of customers. Most customers turn to Nubank due to the fact that it offers novelties and less bureaucracy when comparing its services to those of other banks. In this sense, customers who have Nu Conta can now count on a new feature, unlocking up to R$5,000.

To gain access to this credit limit, just follow a few simple steps, using the bank’s own application. Understand more about this credit and see how you can release it. Find out more below.

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Release up to BRL 5,000 on Nubank

Firstly, it is important to highlight how this new resource that Nubank has made available to its customers works. Thus, the main objective is to allow Nu Conta users who have a low credit card limit to make use of up to BRL 5,000.

This happens because many people can have a low limit on the card, either because they don’t have a good score or, in other cases, because they have a dirty name. That way, even if the person requests a limit increase, it can be denied. However, now the person will be able to have a limit increase without having to request it.

With the new Nubank function, which can be useful for those who want to build a credit relationship with the bank, it is possible to deposit up to R$ 5 thousand in the account and, thus, have this amount as a credit. It works like this: the customer deposits the money and can choose to reserve the full amount or a part as a card limit. For example, if the user deposits BRL 2,000, he can select to use BRL 1,000 as a credit limit and keep the rest in the account.

With this, the person will have a limit of R$ 1 thousand on the card’s invoice, which, when it expires, will release the amount for use.

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How to use?

The first step is to have or download the Nubank app on your cell phone: Once this is done, enter the application and go to the credit card menu.

Then, click on “Reserve amount as limit”, read carefully all the information that will be present and, if you agree, proceed to “continue”.

Decide what amount you want to reserve and tap “continue” once more. Finally, confirm the process by entering your 4-digit passcode and the money will be available as your card limit within a few seconds.

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