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09/09/2022 14:38 – Culture

Fundação do Livro e Leitura publishes September schedule

Agenda includes Cine Forum and Book Club meetings. All free and open to the public

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The Ribeirão Preto Book and Reading Foundation released the schedule for the month of September. The agenda starts this Saturday, the 10th, at 18:00, with the meeting of “Cine Forum”, at the institution’s headquarters, located at Rua Professor Mariano Siqueira, nº 81. The meeting will be led by the twins André and Marcos de Castro, who will debate the feature “Christine”, from the year 2016.

Directed by American director Antônio Campos, the drama is based on the true story of a 1970s television reporter, Christine Chubbuck (Rebecca Hall) who struggles with depression and professional frustrations while trying to progress in her career, until the day he commits suicide live, a way he found to criticize sensational articles.

For Marcos de Castro, the film is forgotten because it was not widely released and ended up being absent from the most famous streams. “The public needs to know this story, as much as we know what the ending is. But the anguish is present from beginning to end”, he adds, revealing an injustice at the 2017 Oscars, which did not award the statuette to Rebecca Hall, who played Christine, but to Emma Stone, for her role in ‘La La Land’. . “In an era like the one we are living in, it is difficult to define what is “fake news” or “real news” (false or true news). This is the main reflection that ‘Christine’ can bring”, concludes Marcos de Castro.

Book Club – On Saturday, the 17th, at 4 pm, the traditional Book Club of the Fundação do Livro e Leitura de Ribeirão Preto takes place. The meeting will be held from online form, through the institution’s digital platform and will be taught by the librarian, Gabriela Pedrão. The work discussed this month is “Slaughterhouse 5”, by the American writer Kurt Vonnegut.

The book features Kurt’s unique humor and styles that have made him one of the most important writers in American literature. He was able to write about the destruction of the city of Dresden, Germany, during World War II, without sensationalism. In this work, he creates an imaginative, funny and almost psychedelic story, situated between an autobiographical introduction and epilogue.

Services: Cine Forum

Date: Saturday, September 10th;

Time: 6 pm

Place: headquarters of the Book and Reading Foundation of Ribeirão Preto

Address: Rua Professor Mariano Siqueira, nº 81, Jardim América

Synopsis: The story of Christine Chubbuck, a 1970s TV reporter battling depression and professional frustrations as she tries to advance her career, until the day she committed suicide live to criticize sensationalist stories. Based on real facts.

Book Club

Constructions: “Slaughterhouse 5”, by Kurt Vonnegut;

Date: Saturday, September 17th;

Time: 4 pm;

Streaming: Platform of the Book and Reading Foundation of Ribeirão Preto

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