Sony launches new PS5 with 1440p resolution and hardware swap; check out

In just under two years of its launch, the PS5 is on its third model. The changes in the new edition include a complete change in its interior design, including the replacement of some internal components, such as the motherboard – newer and smaller than the previous one –, the cooling system and the SSD case. The most interesting novelty, however, is the addition of 1440p resolution on the console.


1440p resolution

The PS5’s 1440p resolution was something to be expected, with tests running since July. With the software update, all users will have access to the novelty.

In order to use 1440p, however, the TV or monitor needs to be compatible with the resolution, and the game needs to fully support 1440p. If the game supports it, it will play 100% at the new resolution. The only downside is that variable refresh rate (VRR) will not be supported at 1440p and will only work at 1080p and 4K on PS5.

Motherboard change

Now, about the internal component changes (discovered by youtuber Austin Evans), the main change was the replacement of the motherboard used in the PS5. The new piece is about five centimeters smaller and interfered with the console’s weight loss.

With the new motherboard design in place, Sony needed to change other components and the CMOS battery was one of them. The new battery is now completely hidden under the heat sink. If the user wants to change it, he will need to disassemble the entire console.

It’s worth remembering that the PS5’s hardware changes come shortly after Sony announced that its chief engineer, Masuyasu Ito, is retiring.

New cooling system

Finding a solution for cooling consoles, computers and notebooks is one of the most complicated tasks in creating and assembling these devices. With the PS5, it’s no different. Sony engineers are always looking for the best way to avoid heat in hardware.

In 2021, the company developed a new model of heatsink, smaller and more functional, which joined an additional heat pipe that was inserted into the back of the console, improving the cooling of the video game.

The new heatsink model, joined to the motherboard, made the PS5 a kilo lighter.

New heatsink model (1200) of PS5. Reproduction: Austin Evans YouTube channel

SSD Enclosure

The new PS5 model also brought a new SSD case. The current one now has exposed metal around it, unlike older models with full length PCBs. Sony didn’t explain the reason for the change, but for Evans, the change could help the console cool down.

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Also according to the youtuber, this new model consumes approximately 20 to 30 watts less during games. “Sony has shrunk almost everything, including the motherboard and inner packaging to make it lighter and almost certainly cheaper (for them),” Evans wrote on Twitter.

“PS5”: New Gray Camouflage Collection Coming Soon

Sony announced last Tuesday (6) that the PlayStation 5 will have a new style of accessory collection. The line will be called Gray Camouflage and presents the PS5’s feature set in a gray camouflage look.

To find out how the new design turned out, access the Olhar Digital article.

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