The Flash Will End the DCEU’s Snyder Canon Debate, But You Might Not Like It

More than just being the first live-action Flash solo movie, The Flash is set to answer many questions about the future of the DCEU – including whether Justice League by Zack Snyder it’s canon. No announced plans for Justice League after 2017 Justice League movie and the Snyder Cutit has become difficult to predict the future of DC movies after 2023. The CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav, teased a 10-year plan for the DCEU, and what the new administration has planned for the Justice League franchise will likely start with The Flash.

More than a year has passed since the launch of Justice League by Zack Snyderand yet the status of the DCEU’s Justice League remains a mystery. Justice League (2017) was a box office disaster that put the future of Justice League on the big screen in check, followed by a vocal online campaign for Warner Bros. to release Zack Snyder’s cut of the film. It did not seem likely that the Snyder Cut would be released considering the studio was trying to move from Justice League fiasco, but the launch of HBO Max and the streaming service’s need for more original content led to Justice League by Zack Snyder finally coming true. Originally planned to be released as a four-part series, the Snyder Cut arrived at HBO Max in March 2021 as a four-hour feature film that differed from the theatrical cut in many notable ways.

Of the DC superheroes featured in Justice League, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman were the only ones to have a solo movie released after the 2017 film. Wonder Woman 1984 was a prequel set decades before the events of Justice League, Aquaman had thus far been the only DCEU film to actually explore the story of a Justice League member after the Justice League movie. Said that, Aquaman was released before Snyder Cutwhat does any impact mean Justice League by Zack Snyder may have had about the future of the Justice League’s heroes has yet to be felt. There are currently no plans for more Zack Snyder DC movies, and Warner Bros. supposedly considers the theatrical cut to be the canonical version. All this considered, The Flash must make it clear which Justice League cut the DCEU that filmmakers consider canon, as Barry Allen’s powers and past experiences as a superhero in the Snyder Cut differ greatly from what had been established in the theatrical court.

How Zack Snyder’s Justice League Differs From 2017’s Justice League

Cyborg, Flash, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman line up in Justice League

Considering its duration of four hours, Justice League by Zack Snyder would always be different from the theatrical cut. That said, the differences between Justice League by Zack Snyder and 2017 Justice League go far beyond runtime. O Snyder Cut plays much more like a sequel to the stories of Steel man and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, with thematic and visual references to moments from Snyder’s first two DC films. O Snyder Cut has a considerable amount of world-building that wasn’t present in the theatrical cut, especially in regards to Apokolips and Darkseid. In fact, Darkseid does not appear in the movies. Justice League cut while Justice League by Zack Snyder features Darkseid in several scenes. the 2017 Justice League ends without a lot of loose ends, save for a Legion of Doom setup in the post-credits scene. Justice League by Zack Snyder, on the other hand, ends with Darkseid preparing his armada to attack Earth. Another big difference is that Silas Stone, Cyborg’s father, dies in Justice League by Zack Snyder but is alive at the end of the theatrical cut.

There are also some differences from Flash as a character. In theater Justice League cut off, Flash says he has no fighting experience; there is also no mention of time travel in 2017 Justice League. However, in Snyder Cut, Flash seems to have more experience as a superhero, including the fact that he has traveled through time. Barry mentions that he can bend time around him upon reaching a certain speed, and then travels back in time to prevent the Mother Boxes from destroying Earth.

The DCEU Contradicted The Snyder Cut (Before It Was Released)

Aquaman's Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus

In retrospect, the DCEU has already contradicted the Snyder Cut at least in two main ways. One is what Mera says in Justice League by Zack Snyder that your father is dead. However, in Aquaman, Mera’s father is very much alive – King Nereus played by Dolph Lundgren. The other potential inconsistency is Superman’s participation in Shazam. Superman, whose real face did not appear in Shazam, was wearing his classic red and blue suit in the movie. However, in Snyder Cut, Superman chooses to continue wearing his black and white suit even after returning to his everyday Clark Kent life. Obviously, King Nereus’ situation is far more significant than Superman’s suit, and it shows just how difficult it would be for the Snyder Cut to be granted as canon the DCEU. still, both Aquaman and Shazam were released before Justice League by Zack Snyder was even announced, and there has not yet been an official confirmation of which Justice League version is canon for future films.

How Flash Can Settle the Justice League Canon Debate

The Flash in the Speed ​​Force in Zack Snyder's Justice League

The Flash is confirmed to handle time travel and the multiverse, and this is how it can easily solve the Justice League canonical debate. That’s because Barry never used time travel in the theatrical cut, at least not in battle, while Justice League by Zack SnyderBarry already knows exactly how his powers relate to time travel and has used them to reverse time during a battle. Justice League by Zack Snyder makes it clear that the final fight against Steppenwolf was the first time Barry consciously used time travel in battle, which is a big difference in the history of a character like The Flash.

So if Barry’s Batman or Ben Affleck recognizes that The Flash has used time travel before to save the day in Justice Leagueit will mean The Flash and future DCEU films will consider the Snyder Cut like canon. if, however, The Flash unfolds as if Barry never traveled back in time during a battle, so that means the theater Justice League cut is what the DCEU will consider canonical.

Why is it better for Flash if Snyder Cut is Canon


Even though there are no plans for the Snyderverse to be restored, it would be better for the DCEU – especially for The Flash – What if Justice League by Zack Snyder was considered canon. Barry Allen is one of the characters that has been significantly improved in the Snyder Cutgoing from comic relief in the theatrical cut to hero who saves the day in Justice League by Zack Snyder. O Snyder Cut treats Barry Allen as a more seasoned hero, and quickly establishes that Barry knows the dangers of time travel. The Flash is clearly inspired by Flash pointand will likely deal with the fallout of Barry using his time travel powers selfishly.

As such, The Flash would save a lot of screen time if you considered the events of the Justice League by Zack Snyder as canon, immediately establishing that Flash already knows how far his time travel powers can go. That said, as of now, there is no indication that the DCEU will rework its canon to make Justice League by Zack Snyder the “official” cut – which might be disappointing for anyone who wanted to see more of this iteration of Justice League and, more importantly, this iteration of The Flash.

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