There are MILLIONS of customers: Nubank will share THIS data with OTHER banks; see which

Now, customers of Nubank may share your financial and banking details with other institutions. This is because fintech became part of Open Finance. However, the tool is still in the testing phase, and should be released to customers gradually.

The resource began to be used on the 5th of September. Open Finance makes it possible for clients to transport their financial histories from one bank to another, without having to start a relationship from scratch with the new institution.

The new tool guarantees customer safety, since banks authorized by the central bank can be part of the system. Furthermore, the BC establishes digital security rules that must be followed by participants.

How to share personal data from other banks with Nubank

To have access to the new sharing option it is necessary to update the Nubank. See how below:

For the first access to Open Finance:

  1. On the app’s home screen, click on your profile at the top left;
  2. Click on “Open Finance”;
  3. Select “Continue” and then “Share”;
  4. Choose the institution from which you would like to bring your data;
  5. Click Confirm;
  6. In addition, you go to the chosen institution’s application to confirm the sharing;
  7. In the Nubank application, there will be confirmation for data sharing to occur.

For those who have already accessed Open Finance:

  1. On the application’s home screen, access your profile;
  2. Click on “Open Finance”;
  3. Tap “New Share”;
  4. Click on “Share”;
  5. Select the institution from which you would like to bring your data;
  6. Tap “Confirm”;
  7. Then you go to the institution’s app to make the sharing happen;
  8. In the Nubank application, there will be confirmation of the sharing of your data.

How to redeem saved money

  1. open the application from Nubank and tap on “Account”;
  2. Next, tap on “Saved money” just below the available balance;
  3. Then click on “Available anytime” to continue the redemption;
  4. The application will show the balance available for withdrawal and how much it is earning per year;
  5. Then, tap on the “Redeem” option in the lower left corner;
  6. Finally, enter the amount you would like to redeem and then tap “Redeem” at the bottom of the screen – the money will be available in the account in a few seconds.

The customer can redeem the values ​​as many times as they want. However, as mentioned before, the user needs to select the corresponding option.

Fintech does not charge fees or fees when carrying out the operation, so the customer can have peace of mind when withdrawing the money.

So, now you know how to redeem money saved in Nubank. By doing so, the amount is returned to your account.

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