Tite calls for friendlies on Friday

Tite prepares for the second edition of the World Cup in charge of the Brazilian team. Eliminated by Belgium in the quarter-finals in Russia, he will have new challenges in Qatar from 24 November. Until then, the mission is to choose the group of 26 players who will wear Amarelinha in the competition.

This Friday (9), the coach makes the last call-up before the final list of the Cup thinking about the friendlies against Ghana and Tunisia, later this month. As far as the history of 2018 is concerned, the list can mix certainties and tests.

Four years ago, Brazil faced Russia and Germany as the last opponents before the final call-up. Tite called up 25 players, including three debutants in the selection: goalkeeper Neto, then at Valencia-ESP, and forwards Anderson Talisca and Willian José, who at the time defended Besiktas-TUR and Real Sociedad-ESP, respectively.

None of the three novelties convinced the coach to be in the World Cup.

The same cannot be said of defender Geromel. At the time, the Grêmio player was competing with Rodrigo Caio, then at São Paulo, for the fourth spot for the position alongside Marquinhos, Thiago Silva and Miranda. Both were called up for friendlies in Europe and Geromel gained more points, so much so that he was in Russia.

Of the 25 called up from the last list before the final decision, 20 remained in the group for the World Cup in 2018. That is, 87% of the total. In addition to the three debutants and Rodrigo Caio by technical option, right-back Daniel Alves was injured before the call-up and was cut.

Three that were not among those related against Russia and Germany appeared as novelties in the final call-up: goalkeeper Cássio, from Corinthians, right-back Danilo, then at Manchester City-ING, and striker Neymar, from PSG, who was injured. They joined the other certainties that were already in the group, such as Marcelo, Casemiro, Willian, Paulinho, Gabriel Jesus and others.

Geromel - Pedro Martins/MoWA Press - Pedro Martins/MoWA Press

In 2018, Geromel secured the spot during the last friendlies before the final call-up

Image: Pedro Martins/MoWA Press

The 2018 chart shows that Tite has solid but not implacable convictions. He tells people close to him that he has changed over time, he has become more open to new things. The argument is that the 2018 team responded so positively in a time of pressure, as he took the team in sixth place in the Playoffs, that there was little opportunity or reason for testing. Therefore, the team did not have the game variations necessary for the Cup challenges.

For 2022, Tite believes that the work is better suited to the possibility of a complete cycle. Regarding players, there were 85 calls-up, 48 of which were rookies – athletes who had never worn the national team shirt before. In the last two lists there were unpublished names: Gabriel Martinelli (Arsenal), in March, and Danilo (Palmeiras), in June.

Tite summons this Friday, at 11 am (GMT), the selection to face Ghana on the 23rd and Tunisia on the 27th. The first duel takes place at the Stade Oceane, in the French commune of La Havre. A few days later, the challenge is at PSG’s home, Parque dos Príncipes. The fight for the 26 vacancies, between tests and certainties, is open.

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