trend dominates Rock in Rio on Friday

Renan, from Santa Catarina, at Rock in Rio Photo: Leonardo Ribeiro

The head-to-toe black look this Friday the 9th is not an ode to metalheads. But a reminder that emo is not dead. On the day that Green Day, Fall out boy and Avril Lavigne perform at Rock in Rio, checkered pants, smoky eyes and fringes dominate the rock city.

– Never had to die. I love that the trend is back. My inspiration today is a 2008 Avril Lavigne (laughs). I love eyeliner, spike, fringe and a lot of black. I’ve always been emo and I will be until I die — 29-year-old Renan Bittencourt, from Santa Catarina, has fun.

The couple César Marques and Tatiana bet on checkered, federal hat and metal chains.

— The emo style was never afraid to express versatility. We really liked this style, we took that whole generation of Simple Plan, Green Day and Avril — says César, 30 years old.

The couple César and Tatiana at Rock in Rio
The couple César and Tatiana at Rock in Rio Photo: Leonardo Ribeiro

And there are those who push the trend even further to the limit, as is the case of Alice Marins, 18, from Rio de Janeiro. The young woman wore strong eyeliner makeup, long nails, and tulle skirt.

Alice and her makeup marked at Rock in Rio
Alice and her makeup at Rock in Rio Photo: Leonardo Ribeiro

– I’m goth. And the subculture is what attracts me. I like the 80’s influence, artists like David Bowie, and combining it with Avril who also mixes the heavy and the fluffy.

The couple Alan Braga, 23, and Maria Eduarda, 21, also abused trends. Fringe, colored hair and checkered clothes.

— This is even my everyday style. I love it – says Maria Eduarda.

The couple Maria Eduarda and Alan
The couple Maria Eduarda and Alan Photo: Leonardo Ribeiro

The combination of everything that emo represents, whether in the way of dealing and expressing emotions to the soundtrack of suffering, is what, for fans, still guarantees the style’s longevity.

— I’m passionate about emocore. The emotional style. And it’s been that way since I was 14. On a daily basis, I don’t dress like that anymore, but I wanted to take advantage of the festival to express myself – says Alan.

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