Turnowski, former head of the Civil Police of RJ, is arrested

Former Secretary of State for Civil Police Allan Turnowski was arrested this morning during an operation by the Rio Public Ministry’s Gaeco (Special Action Group for the Repression of Organized Crime). He was arrested at his home in Barra da Tijuca, west of the state capital, on suspicion of involvement with the animal game. A rifle was seized at the scene.

Turnowski he was head of the Civil Police for a year in the government of Sérgio Cabral. He returned to the post, which today has the status of secretary of state, when Cláudio Castro (PL) took over the government. In March of this year, he left the position to run for the Chamber for the president’s party, Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

In his ballot box number, he put the number of civilians killed in the Jacarezinho massacre. Its slogan was “zero tolerance for crime”. Turnowski will be taken to thirst of the Civil Police Department.

O UOL contacted Allan’s defense Turnowski and waits for a response. In case of manifestation, this text will be updated.

Sought, the Civil Police Internal Affairs reported that it has not yet received a copy of the complaint to be able to comment on the action carried out by Gaeco and stated that “it was in the current administration of the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro that the three heads of the main factions of the misdemeanor, Rogério Andrade, Bernardo Bello and José Caruzzo Escafura, the “Piruinha”, were investigated and had their arrest requests requested to the Justice”.

The operation also carried out a search and seizure warrant against Antônio Ricardo Nunes.former head of General Department Homicide and Protection of the Person and candidate for state deputy for Podemos.

According to the delegate’s defense, no illicit object was found, “corroborating that there is no involvement of him in criminal acts linked to illegal gambling offenders, nor with the investigated being arrested”.

In a note, lawyer Adriana Galucio says that, according to information provided by the agents who carry out the act, the search was justified because of dialogues with the investigated Maurício Demétrio in 2017, and they were misinterpreted. “After 23 years fighting crime, without any blemish on his professional life, the defense clarifies that it respects the work carried out, but it does not match reality. The fact will be clarified and his innocence will be proven.”

Support for Castro and the Bolsonaro family was highlighted in the candidate’s networks. Engaged in the campaign, Turnowski posted photos with names from Bolsonarism to attract the electorate.

Present at the pro-Bolsonaro rallies in Copacabana on September 7, the former secretary posed alongside Bolsonaro (PL), Senator Flávio Bolsonaro (PL), Castro and candidate for federal deputy for Minas Gerais Nikolas Ferreira.

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