Twitter tests button that speeds up sharing of posts via WhatsApp

Twitter posts may be able to be shared more easily on WhatsApp soon. In a tweet, the social network announced that it has begun testing a dedicated button to forward content via messenger.

Such an addition would be useful especially where WhatsApp is the main messenger — no wonder, the post was made by the Twitter India profile, a region where the app has a strong presence. Brazil would also be a strong candidate to receive the new dedicated button, considering that the Meta platform is arguably one of the most important in the country.

The icon, however, is only illustrative at present. Responses to the Twitter post report that tapping the button still brings up the traditional Twitter share menu, with options “Send as Direct Message”, “Save Tweet” and “Share via…”, not forwarding directly to the messenger.

It’s experimental

It is not known if this was the intention of the platform, after all, adopting the WhatsApp icon to represent sharing the post can generate confusion in the minds of users. As it is a tool still being tested, it is possible that this is a preliminary state of the resource and, in the future, a more efficient shortcut will be implemented.

There is no forecast for the dissemination of tests with the WhatsApp icon on Twitter — and, in its current state, it is possible that it will not go beyond India. For now, it remains to wait.

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