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Bill’s meme took over social media. Even Neymar joined. He changed the “Bora, Bill” to “Bora, Gil” in reference to his friend Gil Cebola (watch the video). But, after all, who is Bill? The native of Ceará is 40 years old, is a doorman at a school and lives in the district of Betânia, in the city of Croatá, 273 kilometers from Fortaleza. He is an amateur coach, at “Andrade Esporte” and “Red Bill”, teams in the region.

This Thursday (8), Bill spoke with the report of ge by video call.

– Here they put me in a “bucho” of being an amateur technician. Since then, I’ve been losing my sleep and my patience. The pressure is high (laughs). The team I coach is Andrade Esporte. In the sand field, there’s Red Bill. That’s where the videos where the boy keeps saying: “Come on, Bill”! Bora, Bill’s fi (son). That’s where it all started – he says.

Amateur coach Bill goes viral and sees Neymar play meme

Amateur coach Bill goes viral and sees Neymar play meme

Success in the city has been going on for a long time. For a year now, broadcasting in amateur football has been fun. The one who started the game was the narrator and creator of TV 100 Futuro, Moraes. In the narrations, he yells “Bora Bill” several times. In the joke, Bill’s family is also remembered.

– Two days ago, it surprised me (when it went viral). In the last two days, as it has been growing, it no longer surprises me (having reached Neymar). Sincerely. It’s grown too much. In my city, it’s been a year since they talk about where I go. Direct. More than a year where I spend people talk and take pictures. It’s been a while, it wasn’t just yesterday… – he reports.

“Bora, Bill”: Ceará goes viral on social networks — Photo: Reproduction

Bill is a Palmeiras fan. In the video call, he regretted the elimination for Athletico-PR in Libertadores. For the future in life? He hopes, with the repercussion of the video, he can get help for his children and family.

– I hope to keep my feet on the ground, get something to help my children in the future, I have three. Helping my family… The only people who know my family are people who live close by. It’s really poverty

– Because I’m from the bush, my study is little, I don’t understand much. I spoke to the mayor and he is helping me (in advising)-she concludes.

Ceará goes viral on social media as a meme "Let's go Bill"

Cearense goes viral on social media as “Bora Bill” meme

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