Woman receives R$ 54 million by mistake and takes the opportunity to buy a mansion

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It is very common to hear cases where someone has mistakenly deposited money into someone else’s account. In this one, for example, a woman received an amount of US$ 10.4 million (approximately R$ 54.2 million) by a cryptocurrency exchange.

However, the return could have been easily accomplished if the woman hadn’t spent all her money buying a mansion.

understand the case

The whole situation started when the woman, identified as Thevamanogari Manivel, requested a refund of US$100 (R$ 516.35) to the cryptocurrency exchange Crypto.com. However, the company, when sending the amount, confused the account number field with the transaction amount.

In this way, the Australian ended up receiving the US$ 10 million. The fact was so unusual that the brokerage company only realized seven months later that the mistake had been made, which made it even more difficult to resolve the problem.

According to The Guardian, the error occurred in 2021. Thus, after some time passed, the company learned that the woman had acquired several assets, including a mansion.

money back

When the mistake was realized, the cryptocurrency company went to court to request the return of the money. The broker won the lawsuit and the woman was forced to return the amounts with interest, which so far have reached US$ 27,000 (R$ 141,000). In addition, it was defined that she must pay the other charges of the action.

When trying to contact the Australian, the institution discovered that she had already spent the money acquiring a property for her sister Thilagavathy Gangadory, who lived in Malaysia. In addition, the money that was left over had been transferred to six other accounts. As a result, seven Thevamanogari bank accounts were frozen.

The woman’s sister has not yet been found for the appropriate judicial guidelines that will be used to resolve the entire situation.

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