13th Gen Intel Core i5 (non-K) and Core i3 CPUs must use Alder Lake die

Raptor Cove cores would be present from the i5-13600K, according to leak

Leaked Intel slides, obtained by Igor’s Lab, reveal that some SKUs of 13th Gen Core Raptor Lake CPUs will be based on Alder Lake. The leaked information, while official, matches rumors from weeks ago that Intel’s 13th generation CPUs would use dies B-0 (Raptor Lake) and C-O/H-1 (Alder Lake).

Intel’s information pointing to this says that only Core i5 Raptor Lake processors will have an increase in L3 and L2 cache memories, indicating that SKUs below that will continue with the same settings as their 12th-gen CPU counterparts.

In addition, not only should the Core i3 series have the same architecture as the current generation, but also non-“K” Core i5s such as the i5-13400, i5-13500 and i5-13600 that have already appeared in previous leaks and rumors. That is, the change in architecture will happen from the i5-13600K upwards.

There are disagreements, however, regarding this unofficial information. A few days ago, WCCFtech had access to what would be the initial lineup of Intel Raptor Lake CPUs. Among the Core i5 series, only the i5-13600 and i5-13400, and their variations, were listed. And that list showed that the die of those SKUs was the B-0, which is the Raptor Lake die.

Core i5 (non-K) and i3 CPUs would not have Raptor Cove performance cores

In theory, what changes is that Raptor Lake CPUs that use Alder Lake dies, instead of having Raptor Cove performance cores, one of the biggest changes between the two generations, would have the Golden Cove cores of the 12th generation.

The leaked slides also reveal the technologies present in the 13th generation Raptor Lake, as well as the specifications, this time official, of the following CPUs: Core i9-13900K, i9-13900KF, i7-13700K, i5-13700 KF, i5 13600K and i5- 13600KF, without any mention of SKUs below the i5-13600K.

The leaked specifications also corroborate the rumors, presenting the same information about cache memory, frequency, whether base, maximum, by performance or efficient cores, in addition to iGPU and processor consumption.

So far, there is no official date for the launch of the 13th generation Intel Core processors, but the expectation is that this will happen during the Intel Innovation, which takes place on September 27th.

13th Gen Intel Core will have 14 models with up to 16 colors and 5.8GHz

13th Gen Intel Core will have 14 models with up to 16 colors and 5.8GHz
CPUs ending with “K” will support overclocking on integrated graphics


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