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Having a flash drive in 2022 can still be useful. In addition to functioning as a data storage solution, the flash memory device has many practical uses for everyday life — even competing with other more advanced technologies. With a low cost and being compatible with a wide variety of devices, the pen drive can be a strategic tool for those who work in the IT area or even for those who need to carry some essential files with them easily.

If you have a flash drive left over there, the list that TechTudo presented below will help you find tons of new uses for your external storage drive, making your flash drive a powerful tool for repair, backup and even productivity.

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See reasons why you still need a flash drive in 2022 — Photo: Rafael Leite/TechTudo

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1. Pen drive runs OS on PC

Currently, flash drives provide one of the simplest ways to install an operating system on your computer. There is even a tool from Microsoft that turns your pen drive into a boot disk for the latest versions of the system.

Through third-party software, it is still possible to create installation discs for the most varied systems. You can even create an installation media for various systems such as Linux, macOS and Windows on a single pen drive.

2. Portability and practicality

A flash drive also allows you to take your files with you wherever you go. Despite being a relatively old technology, flash drives offer significant storage capacity and easy portability.

Whether for documents, videos, photos or even software, a pen drive can allow you to always have a large amount of data at hand. This can be a differential for those who need to take their files to different places and do not want to depend on cloud storage and the internet.

3. Cloud storage systems are limited

Multilaser PD601 is one of the most affordable flash drives in the Brazilian market. — Photo: Publicity/Multilaser

Speaking of cloud storage, as much as the services offer a lot of convenience, you must consider that to have access to your files in the cloud you will need an internet connection. Also, depending on the size of the file, the download may take a long time.

In addition to offering limited storage capacity in free modalities, cloud storage systems will depend on your connection. This problem can be circumvented by having your most important files on a flash drive.

4. Confidential Documents

If you share your PC or laptop with other users and you have files that you want to keep out of the way of prying eyes, a flash drive may turn out to be a viable solution. With it, you can store your most important files on a drive that doesn’t need to be connected to your computer.

There are even software that can encrypt and add passwords to access the contents of external drives, which makes your pen drive practically a portable safe for your most sensitive files.

You can create an encrypted flash drive that needs a password to access files — Photo: Luciana Maline/TechTudo

5. You can install games on your flash drive

Whether for a limitation of internal storage, for privacy or even for more portability, you can also install your games on a flash drive. So, you can take your games with you to access on any PC or laptop that can play them.

On platforms like Steam, Epic Games Launcher and others, you can set the install location to a flash drive (for most titles). So, to access the content later on another PC, you’ll only need to flag the external storage unit that contains your library.

6. You can install strategic apps

On your pen drive, you can store strategic software and games — Photo: Elson de Souza/TechTudo

It is also possible to use a flash drive as a portable repository for software that does not necessarily need to be installed on your PC. You can, for example, keep programs that perform tests and patches on your system on a flash drive.

Solutions such as antivirus, text and image editors and many other software options also allow you to run it directly from a flash drive. This allows you to have your arsenal of essential software on a flash drive that you can take anywhere.

7. Presentations from work or college

Pen drives are still an essential tool for students and professionals who need to perform file transfers. The device can be very useful for presentations and seminars with some graphic support. After all, even with the ease of sharing online, in many cases a Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V is still a much more agile option.

Keeping your quick-access files on the flash drive can still allow you to not have to carry your laptop everywhere. So, you can access your files, photos, videos or whatever is saved on your flash drive on any device with an available USB port.

In the video below, see little-known functions of a pen drive

Little-known functions of a flash drive

Little-known functions of a flash drive

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