Avatar 2 Risks Making Jake’s Na’vi Change Less Special

avatar 2 released images that may make Jake’s Na’vi transformation less significant. by James Cameron avatar broke box office records and hearts in theaters everywhere as the Na’vi found themselves being driven from their home, Pandora, by the menacing GDR. In the film, the Na’vi are incredibly protective of their society and have formed very few connections with the humans who are using their home planet to mine precious resources.

avatar follows Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a Marine facing a life-altering injury in his service, who is called to a special mission working among the Na’vi with the science team. Using advanced technologies, Jake is able to inhabit a specially grown Na’vi body so he can connect with the natives. Surprisingly, his military background, determination to learn his ways, and his compassion endear him to the Na’vi people like no other human before. Jake forms a relationship with Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), and her people invite him as one of their own. When the movie ends, Jake fully assimilates, and the Na’vi transfer their consciousness to their avatar.

More than a decade later, avatar 2 is soon to be released, and while the first film established the proud Na’vi as a highly reserved race rooted in their traditions, promotional material for avatar 2 indicates that some less palatable characters were also given the immense honor of becoming a Na’vi. Quaritch (Stephen Lang), the main antagonist of avatar, now has a Na’vi body, and this change is likely permanent, as he didn’t survive the first film as a human. Unfortunately, turning Quaritch and others into Na’vi runs the risk of cheapening Jake’s transformation, one of the avatarmost impactful moments. The character has endured a lot to be accepted by the Na’vi people, and there is understandable concern that the work will be in vain if others, even villains, can easily transform into avatar 2.

How Avatar 2 Can Avoid Hurting Jake’s Na’vi Transformation

Jake as an Angry Na'vi in ​​Avatar

avatar 2The trailer reveals that Jake and Neytiri are now raising their family on Pandora before old enemies reappear with new faces. It is likely that Quaritch and his troops have specially grown Na’vi bodies so they can more easily navigate Pandora. Afterwards, soldiers can easily follow the same process Jake did in avatar to control the Na’vi body. While this may seem worryingly similar to Jake’s storyline in the first film, it’s worth remembering that Quaritch and the others will likely become Na’vi for selfish reasons, which will help Jake’s transformation stand out.

Another figure from the first film will also appear in a new body for avatar 2. Sigourney Weaver, who played Grace Augustine in avatar, was killed by Quaritch, but she will return for the sequel as Kiri, Jake and Neytiri’s adopted daughter. Jake tried to transfer Grace’s consciousness into her Avatar body on the Tree of Souls, but was unsuccessful. While Eywa, the planet’s life force, may have stored Grace’s essence to restore her to a new body, Weaver is playing a new character. Like Quaritch and the others, this makes her transformation slightly different from Jake’s. All signs point to avatar 2 find a way to include familiar faces as Na’vi characters without diminishing the impact of Jake’s change.

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