Bacci details operation to bring back Queen Elizabeth’s body

Luiz Bacci details the operation to bring the body of Queen Elizabeth: “Two operations”; see more

the anchor Luiz Bacci revealed through their social networks this Saturday, 10, how the transport of the body of the Queen Elizabeth II to London.

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The monarch, who died on Thursday at the age of 96, was staying at Balmoral Castle, Scotland, where the royal family’s holiday home and one of the Queen’s favorite places is located.

After her death, an operation is being mounted to take the queen’s body to London, as revealed by Bacci. “Two operations are on standby to transport the queen’s body to London“, he said.

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The journalist gave details. “By real train (Operation Unicorn) or by plane (Operation Overstudy). It is not yet known which one will be activated, but the coffin should be removed from the castle tomorrow and will be received by the prime minister and ministers.”he said on his Instagram.

It is worth mentioning that the last act of transporting Queen Elizabeth’s body will be to London, where the Queen will be buried next to her father, King George, in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.


Before the burial of Queen Elizabeth II’s body, a grand funeral ceremony will take place.. First, the monarch’s body will be transferred to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland.

After going to the palace, the body will follow, in procession, to the Cathedral of Saint Giles, where the population will be able to say goodbye to the queen, with a military parade and the presence of members of the royal family.

It will be only after the farewell, that the body of Queen Elizabeth II will be taken to London, where her burial will take place.

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