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The intense relationship between Botafogo and Jorge Braga lasted just over a year and a half, an executive who went from being a savior of the homeland to being disaffected by the club’s new administration. The departure announced this Friday comes after successive disputes that have left the last few months heavy in the alvinegra summit.

The ge listened to the two sides, who come up with different stories to explain the divorce. Disagreement that explains the aggressive tone in the farewell to a leader who, not long ago, was seen by fans and top hats as one of the main responsible for avoiding bankruptcy in General Severiano.

+ Botafogo claims that Jorge Braga “broke professional obligations and duties” at SAF

John Textor and Jorge Braga no longer speak the same language — Photo: Vitor Silva/Botafogo

+ Botafogo CEO, Jorge Braga leaves the club and takes action against SAF

Unpaid wages and internal boycott

Braga reports the facts as a boycott that affected the internal functions and even the pocket. The leader guarantees that he has been practically prevented from working since the SAF was constituted. Therefore, he filed a lawsuit against John Textor and obtained a favorable injunction to get rid of the contract, which would run until the first half of 2023.

The ex-CEO’s version to the ge was the lawyer Rodrigo Cotta, a partner at the law firm Salomão, Kaiuca, Abrahão, Raposo e Cotta associates. The representative cites amounts that Textor owes Braga and were not paid. Among them are six months’ wages and the biggest sticking point: the commission for the sale of SAF.

When Braga arrived at the club, in March 2021, the constitution of the company (Congress had not even approved the format of the SAF) was already a priority. It was established in a contract with the association that the CEO would earn a commission if the sale was completed. Textor, however, contests the need for this payment to Braga (read more below).

On the internal emptiness, the defense of Jorge Braga guarantees that the club’s employees were instructed not to report to the then CEO. Braga tried to contact Textor but they were not answered, the last one less than two weeks ago, at the end of August.

– There was no abandonment of function. There is a lot of evidence that shows just the opposite. In fact, based on such evidence, the court granted the injunction in favor of Jorge – said Cotta.

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Renata de Medeiros explains about the departure of CEO Jorge Braga from Botafogo

Renata de Medeiros explains about the departure of CEO Jorge Braga from Botafogo

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Role abandonment and disputed value

Botafogo sees the facts in the opposite way, which placed Justice as an inevitable way to resolve the conflict. The club denies that salaries are late and even contests the commission that the former CEO would have to receive.

John Textor does not recognize the former manager’s work as an intermediary in the negotiation, since he was an employee of the selling party. In the entrepreneur’s view, those who worked between one side and the other of the operation were Matix Capital and XP Investimentos.

SAF argues that the hollowing out allegation was the natural result of what it sees as CEO abandonment. With a house in São Paulo, after the sale Braga rarely attended the club, which was reorganized in the absence of the former manager. The manager also had to leave in June after being hospitalized for 10 days due to a bacterial infection.

Internally, Braga was considered to have little or no contact with new hires by SAF. In addition, the way he related to employees was sometimes considered truculent, aggressive and generated friction with a good part of the board. The GE reported that there was internal discomfort with the manager in June last year, when doing a profile of the CEO after his first 100 days in office.

After Braga left the representation of the club at Ferj, John Textor went public to deny any edges between the then CEO and Thairo Arruda. On Twitter, the owner of 90% of SAF shares praised the two and said that they had very different roles within the corporation.

– Two days off Twitter and I see journalists telling a crazy story about two good men, TA (Thaire Arruda) and JB (Jorge Braga), who have very different roles at SAF. I know our fans would rather me focus on supporting football and the transfer window than chasing ghosts on social media. 🙂

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With the formalization of the SAF, the person chosen by Textor to provisionally command the company is Thairo Arruda, a partner at Matix Capital, who presented the American with the possibility of taking over the club. It was he who commanded hiring and reorganized departments in place of Jorge Braga. As the managing director of SAF, Thairo hired executive directors who gained more responsibilities in the different sectors.

Since taking over Botafogo, Textor has been active in almost all the club’s decisions, from signings to new business partners. What took away the old autonomy that Braga got used to in the times of association. The American has a representative in the alvinegro business in Thairo, and it will be up to the businessman to decide whether to bring a new executive to lead the administration of the SAF.

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Braga’s period in front of Botafogo

Jorge Braga arrived at Botafogo on March 17, 2021 with experience of recovering companies with bad financial results and making them return to profit, the so-called “turnaround”. In reality quite different from the SAF and in Serie B, the CEO needed to reduce expenses and make the club start to leave less money running through the faucet. In the first few months, he cut expenses, moving most departments to Nilton Santos, and laid off almost 100 employees.

In the following months, the club played in Serie B and, despite the turmoil, managed to finish the season with the competition title and return to the first division. In the series “Acesso Total” and in behind-the-scenes reports, it was possible to see that the CEO and the then director of football, Eduardo Freeland, often had a disagreement. Despite the raids, Botafogo managed to restructure itself financially and ended the year with the SAF under way.

After the arrival of John Textor and company, Jorge Braga began to lose space internally at the club. The function superposition culminated in the exchange of representation in Ferj. The CEO left and Thairo joined, without John Textor’s prior notice. Braga published a note questioning the decision and the cycle ends in a worn-out way for both parties, with something that interlocutors considered that could have been resolved amicably in the first half of 2022.

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