Bolsonarista who murdered Lula’s supporter in MT recorded video and formatted cell phone before handing over device, points out delegate | Mato Grosso

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Rafael, who is a supporter of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), killed Benedito with at least 15 stab wounds and an ax blow after a political argument. The victim defended the presidential candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

Rafael Silva de Oliveira, 22, stabbed and killed Benedito Cardoso dos Santos, 42, over a political argument — Photo: Reproduction

According to the delegate, after killing Benedito, Rafael would have recorded a video and went to a friend to ask Confresa for a ride, since the property where the murder took place is 34 km from the municipality. The friend informed him that he could not take it.

“He [Rafael] he said that he had done something stupid, showed the video and left his cell phone with this witness. The cell phone was seized only that it was formatted and had nothing else. We will try with the expertise to see if anything is recovered, but so far we have not had access to the video”, said Oliveira.

The friend told police that the video shows the victim’s body on the ground, police said.

According to the delegate, in addition to the witness who reported the video and who had Rafael’s cell phone, six other people have also been heard.

In addition, Oliveira said that Rafael was lucid and aware at the time of the arrest.

“For us, he was lucid and aware of what he was doing, so he was booked as a normal person,” he said.

Man who supported Bolsonaro kills Lula defender in discussion about politics in MT, says p

Man who supported Bolsonaro kills Lula defender in discussion about politics in MT, says p

Rafael killed Benedito with a knife and axe. The crime took place on a farm in Agrovila, rural area of ​​Confresa, a city 1,160 km from the capital Cuiabá. According to the sheriff, the two men worked together cutting wood on a property and, on the night of September 7, they began to discuss politics.

“What led to the crime was the divergent political opinion. The victim was defending Lula, and the author was defending Bolsonaro”, says delegate Victor Oliveira.

According to the Civil Police, Benedito punched Rafael in the face and then grabbed a knife. The author of the crime, then, went after the victim and took the knife for himself.

Also according to the version presented by the delegate, Benedito would have run and Rafael chased him and started hitting him in the back. The victim would have been lying on the floor, when the author took the opportunity to hit her with blows to the eye, neck and forehead.

According to the delegate, Rafael went to a shed to get an axe, went to Benedito, who was still alive, and hit him in the neck, in an attempt to decapitate him.

The author hid the murder weapons and walked to the city of Confresa, arrived at the hospital and requested medical attention, as he had a cut on his hand and another on his forehead. He claimed that he had been the victim of an attempted robbery.

The suspect was taken to the police station to testify and confessed to the crime. The suspect was arrested in flagrante delicto for qualified homicide, for futile and cruel reasons and had the arrest in the act converted to preventive.

Police found the knife and ax and other elements pointing to the suspect at the crime scene.

According to the Civil Police, during the interrogation, Rafael said that “neither agreed with the other’s opinion”. He also said that after hitting Benedito in the neck with an axe, he returned to the house, washed his hands and changed his clothes to go to the hospital to seek medical attention.

Human Rights Watch statement

The director for the Americas of the NGO Human Rights Watch, Juanita Goebertus Estrada, declared this Friday (9) that “all candidates should strongly condemn the murder of Benedito Cardoso dos Santos and any acts of political violence, intimidation or threats in the period electoral”.

“Candidates should urge their supporters to respect the positions of their political opponents and never resort to violence,” Juanita said.

“This call is particularly important in the highly polarized context of Brazilian elections. Brazilians deserve peaceful elections and should be able to engage in political discussions without fear of violence or retaliation for their views.”

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