Datena reveals trauma she has had since childhood

During this Friday’s Brasil Urgente (9), José Luiz Datena revealed trauma that he has had since he was a child. In a conversation with Eduardo Barão, Band correspondent, about the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022), in the United Kingdom, the presenter assumed that he has difficulty entering churches. According to him, this situation may have been aggravated by having frequented this type of place a lot in the past, when he was a child.

“I like God a lot. I’m Catholic, but I’m going to tell you something, I don’t know why… I think it was because I was an altar boy. there’s no one inside, so I go alone and pray alone. But going to church to visit…”, said the journalist.

“I went to Fátima (Portugal) just now. It was the last time I attended a mass. It must be a childhood trauma. I was an altar boy and I was with that incense thing waving and I was kind of a ‘goat’ in a church.”


Watch the moment of Datena’s reveal:

Datena talks about her past traumas in Brazil Urgente


It is not today that Datena reveals details of her past during Brasil Urgente. In July, the journalist even ended up confessing another trauma he has had since his childhood. According to the presenter, he was bullied (repeated physical or verbal aggression against a defenseless person) when he was a child because of his physique.

The presenter said that he was called a “whale” because of his body, since he was fat. On another occasion, the anchor revealed the time he lost all his money. Datena said that he ran out of money when he was fired and, to make matters worse, his guarantee fund was confiscated by the Fernando Collor de Mello government in 1990.

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