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Drugovich received a five-place penalty in the F2 sprint race (Photo: Sebastiaan Rozendaal/Dutch Photo Agency)

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Felipe Drugovich, leader of Formula 2 and very close to securing the title of the category, was punished after qualifying this Friday (9), at Monza, and will lose five positions on the starting grid of the sprint race in Italy. According to the race direction, the Brazilian set his fastest time of the session under the yellow flag condition, without slowing down at turn 11 – thus, he dropped from seventh to 12th place on the grid.

Drugovich had set the fourth fastest time of the session, with 1min31s845, 0s204 behind leader Jack Doohan. As in F2 the top ten are reversed for the start of the sprint race, the MP driver would come out in seventh. However, the punishment refers to the next race that the competitor will participate in, which means the loss of five places in Saturday’s sprint.

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Felipe Drugovich was going to start seventh in the sprint, but was punished and left in 12th (Photo: Sebastiaan Rozendaal/Dutch Photo Agency)

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With the change, five drivers each gain one position on the sprint race grid: Marcus Armstrong, Liam Lawson, Doohan, David Beckmann and Amaury Cordeel — with the former moving up from eighth to seventh, and so on through to the now 12th-placed Drugovich. In addition to the five positions on the grid, Felipe also took two penalty points in his portfolio. Now, it has three added in 2022.

Despite being punished, Drugovich still sees his title contender, Théo Pourchaire, behind. The ART Frenchman couldn’t get past 14th place in Friday’s standings, meaning he will start from the same position for both races this weekend.

Thus, the start of the sprint race will have the following order among the top 12: Frederik Vesti, Logan Sargeant, Jüri Vips, Ayumu Iwasa, Jehan Daruvala, Richard Verschoor, Marcus Armstrong, Liam Lawson, Jack Doohan, David Beckmann, Amaury Cordeel and Drugovich.

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