Ellen Pompeo breaks silence on reduced participation in new season of Grey’s Anatomy – 09/10/2022

09/10/2022 | 12:11

Ellen Pompeo has finally broken her silence on the new season of Grey’s Anatomy. During the D23 Expo event, the actress spoke about the matter with Deadline and explained the whole situation. It is worth remembering that Ellen will be present in only eight of the 22 new episodes of the 19th season.

– The new season will be fun. We have an amazing formula there and the fans know what to expect. It will be more of what we do best. Some laughs and some tears, she said.

Ellen reassured fans that the series will be fine without her:

– It’ll be fine without me, I’ll still do the narration. I’ll be back on Grey’s for the last episode and we’ll see if we can continue.

At the end of the interview, the actress stated that she will never be out of the medical series:

– I will always do this show. I’m executive producer of the show. I spent two decades of my career, it’s my heart, my soul. I’ll never really leave while I’m in the air, he ended.


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