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In the nine remaining games for the 26th round of the Brazilian Championship valid for the guess ge, Palmeiras and Internacional were the only unanimities among the nine players. Verdão hosts Juventude, and Colorado also plays at home, against Cuiabá.

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Flamengo also had almost 100% of the bets. Even playing away from home, in Serrinha, against Goiás, Mengão had eight of the nine possible votes (only one was in the tie).

In the Majestic, balance. Playing at home, São Paulo has a slight advantage in betting: three believe that Tricolor wins the game at Morumbi, while two think that Corinthians leaves with the victory; another four think the classic ends in a draw.

At Maracanã, Fluminense hosts Fortaleza. Tricolor Carioca had five votes to win the match, while the other four guesses were for a tie.

The Stat Spy, which competes with the presenters and commentators, part of the application of an algorithm on data collected in Brasileirões since 2013, with the analysis of several characteristics of more than 80 thousand finalizations made and more than three thousand games.

Guess ge – Internacional vs Cuiabá — Photo: ge

Guess ge – Ceará x Santos — Photo: ge

Guess ge – Fluminense x Fortaleza — Photo: ge

Guess ge – Palmeiras x Juventude — Photo: ge

Guess ge – Botafogo x América-MG — Photo: ge

Guess ge – Avai x Athletico — Photo: ge

Guess ge – São Paulo x Corinthians — Photo: ge

Guess ge – Coritiba x Atlético-GO — Photo: ge

Guess ge – Goiás x Flamengo — Photo: ge

Take a look at the general ranking of the Guess ge:

Guess rating ge after the 25th round — Photo: ge

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