‘I promise to serve the British for life as my mother did’, says King Charles III

Monarch will be made official as Elizabeth II’s replacement this Saturday, 10; he was greeted by hundreds of subjects at Buckingham Palace when he arrived in London to deliver a speech.

Reproduction / BBCKing Charles III seated at a table decorated with a photo of his mother
Charles III makes his first speech after becoming king

O King Charles III today fulfilled his first official duties, after returning to London, and renewed the promise of service made by Queen Elizabeth II when he took the throne. “It was a deep commitment that defined her entire life. She has made much sacrifice in this service, as a sovereign has never wavered,” she said, adding, “today I renew to all of you this promise of lifelong service.” He also promised to uphold “constitutional principles.” The monarch, who assumed the throne on Thursday, 9, after the death of his mother, made a televised address to the British nation. During his speech, he took the moment to thank his mother and father. “During her life my beloved mother was an inspiration to me and my entire family.” Charles III announced that he is passing on his Scottish titles to his son William, first in line to the throne, and spoke about the changing times facing the royal family.

On his arrival in London, Charles III was greeted by hundreds of subjects who were waiting for him in front of Buckingham Palace. He made a point of greeting them, taking the hands of those closest to him. Charles III also met with the Prime Minister of UK, Liz Truss. On Saturday the 10th, the former Prince of Wales will be made king during a meeting of the Council of Succession scheduled for London, Buckingham Palace said in a statement. The council will meet at 10:00 am (6:00 am GMT) at St. James and the proclamation will be read in public, followed by other acts in all the nations that make up the United Kingdom. Charles’ coronation ceremony will take place on a date yet to be determined. Elizabeth had to wait more than a year before the official event that made her queen. However, this will be the second televised broadcast of a coronation of the British monarchy. As Jovem Pan showed, the Queen’s death began Operation London Bridge, which brings together a set of protocols and rules to be followed from the announcement of her death to the details of the funeral, which should take place in 10 days, at Westminster Abbey. In the coming days, the new monarch is expected to make a mourning tour of the United Kingdom.

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