iOS 16 will know if the user is using fake AirPods or not

iOS 16 will be able to identify if you are using fake versions of AirPods. The measure is one of the novelties of Apple’s operating system, which was recently announced by the company and promises more customization possibilities, in addition to resources aimed at strengthening the security of the devices.

This time, the new attribute will help people who buy fake products and can’t tell the difference. Thus, the system will display a warning that is very similar to the message shown on the devices when they have some piece of hardware that is not legitimate in their structure. The notification will say the following:

These headphones could not be verified as genuine AirPods and may not behave as expected.

In practice, this occurs in an attempt to pair the products with the iPhone. From there, options are displayed to unpair or connect the two devices anyway. In addition, an option written “Learn More” is displayed that redirects the user to Apple’s support page.

The new screen has several tips and guidelines that can help you identify fake products compared to the genuine ones. It is worth remembering that this does not apply to third-party headphones, only those that are sold at a very low price and that aim to look like the apple models. They even manage to activate the system’s quick pairing.

The newest models of AirPods Pro have been announced in recent days and the promise is that they will have greater autonomy, as well as several improvements in operation. Still no date to arrive in Brazil, the products will be sold for the price of R$ 2,599.

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