Julia Roberts Believes She Didn’t Like ’90s Romantic Comedies Enough

Julia Roberts argues that audiences didn’t like the 1990s romantic comedy boom enough. An actress since the late 1980s, Roberts quickly became one of the entertainment industry’s most profitable stars. In the following years, she received many accolades, including an Oscar, a British Academy Film Award and three Golden Globes.

While she had been acting for years, Roberts reached the level of international fame when she starred in the 1990 romantic comedy. Pretty Woman, which saw the highest number of US ticket sales for a film of its kind, and earned Roberts his second Oscar nomination and second Golden Globe win. She came to dominate the rom-com genre in the 1990s with leading roles in notable films such as Notting Hill and My best friend’s wedding.

Now, in an interview with The New York Times, Roberts is arguing that audiences didn’t like the romantic comedy boom of the 1990s enough. , movies are often just dismissed as sugary fun. Read Roberts’ quotes below:

“I don’t think we appreciated the bountiful crop of romantic comedies we had at the time. You don’t see all the effort and puppet strings because it’s fun and sweet and people are laughing and kissing and being naughty.”

“This is a genre that I love to be a part of and watch, and I find it hard to get it right. There’s a very simple math, but how to make it special? How do you keep people interested when you can kind of predict what’s to come?”


This isn’t the first time the actress has spoken openly about the end of the genre for which she rose to fame. Earlier this year, Roberts revealed that the reason she hasn’t been in a romantic comedy in about 20 years is that a lack of good scripts has pushed her away from the genre, saying: “If I had read something that I thought was the writing level of Notting Hill or the crazy fun level of My Best Friend Getting Married, I would have.” It wasn’t until she found the script for her next movie Ticket to paradise that she felt inclined to finally return to the genre largely responsible for making her a household name.

Inside Ticket to Paradise, she stars opposite George Clooney, with whom she has previously collaborated. Scheduled for release in October of this year, the film follows a divorced couple who reunite and head to Bali to prevent their daughter from getting married. It should be interesting to see Roberts, arguably the queen of ’90s rom-coms, return to the genre after being away from it for so long. We hope that this time, the public will better appreciate all the work that goes into a Julia Roberts romantic comedy.

Source: Tele New York Times

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