Large piece of a Boeing 747 crashes into a house just before midnight

The Boeing 747 involved in the incident – ​​Image: Kevin Hackert / CC BY-NC 2.0, via Flickr

Photos of a large part of a plane, which had fallen in the garden of a house after hitting the roof of the same, appeared on social media and in the press this Friday morning, September 9, in Belgium.

As local media reports, the piece of metal damaged part of the roof of Louis and Adela’s house in Borgworm, not far from Liège and about 100 km from the capital Brussels (Brussels).

In red, the approximate region where the piece fell – Image: Google Maps, via FlightRadar24

No one was hurt, but the couple is very impressed. “It’s unbelievable. We are in shock and wonder how this could have happened?”, testified the two in the newspaper La Meuse.

Louis had just gone to bed when he heard a plane fly over the residential area just before midnight. “It sounded more intense than usual. I had the feeling that the plane was flying very low.”

Shortly after, there was a loud bang. Louis immediately thought of thunder. An airplane part didn’t even cross his mind. He couldn’t see anything from the window, but when he left the house this morning, he discovered damage to the roof and the huge piece next to his hedge.

Image: Reproduction / Facebook – Hervé Rigot
Image: Reproduction / Facebook – Hervé Rigot
Image: Reproduction / Facebook – Hervé Rigot

The impact took place near the garage, but the couple’s car remained intact, as only a few tiles were damaged, as well as some slats. As you can see from the images, it is an engine hood, therefore, a piece of sheet metal, not so heavy.

Residents contacted the local police, who called the fire department and Liège airport to remove the hood.

It has already been confirmed that it is a Boeing 747, iconic Jumbo Jet. The information was given by a spokesperson for Liège airport, who detailed that an aircraft belonging to the cargo company Air Atlanta lost the part shortly after taking off. Despite the occurrence, the plane flew to its destination, Malta, so the pilots must not have noticed until the end of the flight.

According to the flight history of the Air Atlanta fleet, consulted by AEROIN with the RadarBox online tracking platform, the aircraft that made this journey last night is the TC-AMC registration 747-400F. It took off from Liège at 11:38 pm bound for Luqa, Malta, and passed over the region of the couple’s home at around 11:45 pm, crossing 6,000 feet (1,800 meters) of altitude during the ascent.

The trajectory of the aircraft in the incident flight – Image: RadarBox

An investigation will be conducted to ascertain the exact circumstances of the incident.

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