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A lawyer from Sorocaba (SP) recalled, in an interview with Have news this Friday (9), the moment she was close to the now King Charles III. The meeting took place in 2021 at COP 26, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, in Glasgow, Scotland.

Charles became king after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Upon assuming the throne, the heir could choose a new name. According to official rites, he would have some options. One was to follow the traditional path and retain the title of King Charles III.

Flávia Bellaguarda participated in COP 26, in 2020, because she is the founder of a global climate education network, which has members from 20 countries. However, an unforeseen event made it necessary for her to facilitate communication between then Prince Charles and the Brazilian delegation.

Lawyer from Sorocaba recalls 'improvised' translation for King Charles III during COP 26

Lawyer from Sorocaba recalls ‘improvised’ translation for King Charles III during COP 26

The lawyer says that she had to translate, in the ear of the Prince of Wales, the speeches of the Brazilians at the meeting. She suspects that the communication difficulty was due to a failure in the simultaneous translation equipment.

“As I was less than a meter from the prince, I asked him if he needed help and he said yes. So I took my chair, sat next to him and mediated the entire meeting between him and our governors. I spoke very closely, because I couldn’t make the voice of the governors at the table stand out”, he says.

King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla walking through the gates of Buckingham (Photo: John Sibley/REUTERS)

According to her, the meeting served for the governors to show England the climate policies that the Brazilian states have been developing.

“Now he, as the new successor, has the responsibility of making this agenda even stronger in the world and, who knows, even more here in Brazil”, says Flávia.

Queen Elizabeth II pictured December 18, 2012 in London — Photo: Alastair Grant/Pool/AP/File

Queen Elizabeth II died “peacefully” on Thursday at the age of 96 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The announcement was made through the official channels of the royal family.

Her four children, Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward, went to Scotland when it was announced that the Queen was under medical supervision. One of her grandchildren, Prince William, also went to Balmoral Castle. In the afternoon came the news of the death.

The monarch’s health had already been a matter of growing concern since October last year, when it was revealed that she spent a night in hospital to undergo medical tests that were never detailed.

Since then, she has considerably reduced her schedule, with public appearances becoming increasingly rare and being observed walking with difficulty, with the aid of a cane.

Queen Elizabeth II — Photo: Dylan Martinez/Reuters

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