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Charles Leclerc starts in first position at the 2022 Italian GP (Photo: Ferrari)


With all the punishments that marked the weekend of the Formula 1 Italian GP, ​​there was a pretty strong hunch that Charles Leclerc would be pole position. And that’s exactly what happened this Saturday morning (10), at the Monza circuit. The Monegasque will start in first position of the race in front of the sea of typhoid. The objective is to make peace with the Italian fans and win again.

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Leclerc was widely favorite, because the other three drivers with Ferrari or Red Bull cars carried penalties: Carlos Sainz would start from the back of the grid, while Sergio Pérez and Max Verstappen would have to add some positions to the result. But the #16 didn’t need the salad of penalties: he was the fastest on the track and secured himself in front.

There, the effect of punishments. Verstappen, Sainz and Pérez were, in that order, between second and fourth. But the starting positions are completely different: Max is fourth, Pérez is tenth and Carlos is 18th. Like these, fifth on the track was Lewis Hamilton, also penalized, who starts only in 19th place.

Who starts in second and completes the front row next to Leclerc, with the configuration that was imposed, is George Russell. Lando Norris is third, followed by Verstappen. Daniel Ricciardo, Pierre Gasly, Fernando Alonso, Nyck de Vries — debuting in F1 in the place of Alex Albon, who suffers from appendicitis and is out of the race —, Guanyu Zhou and Pérez close the top-10.

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Charles Leclerc celebrates the typhus (Photo: AFP)

Check out how the ranking went:

As expected by the weather forecast, the temperature was high, at 27°C, for the start of the times that would define the starting grid of the Italian GP. On the asphalt, then, it crossed the 40°C barrier. It was a hot day for a confusing grid definition.

With all the penalties spread out between Friday and Saturday, nine of the 20 drivers carried some kind of distortion between what they would do on the track and where they would start the race on Sunday. The penalties were very different from each other too, from five positions to starting straight at the end of the grid.

Q1 – Verstappen starts at the front, De Vries advances and Latifi is eliminated

The track was inaugurated by Lance Stroll, last in the third free practice, who left quickly to try to find something new when it came to qualifying a struggling Aston Martin at Monza. Soon, the track was filling up: Yuki Tsunoda, Mick Schumacher and Kevin Magnussen, all among those punished, were the next to enter.

Stroll was, following the logic, the first to record time, but it was above 1min24s, not competitive. The laps started to drop even after ten minutes of session, when Max Verstappen appeared to take the lead from the then pointer Tsunoda and record 1min22s023. Charles Leclerc, with his opening spin, would be even faster and would do 1min21s280.

A check on Williams, which has Nyck de Vries as Alexander Albon’s replacement. The Thai man woke up on Saturday suffering from appendicitis and had to be sidelined for the rest of the weekend to have surgery to extract his appendix. De Vries was thus making his first classification in F1 and was already slightly ahead of Latifi. Difference only 0s020.

With the first fast laps, both Ferraris have already left Q1. Verstappen still ran in 1min20s922 before stopping his participation. He was leading, while Leclerc and Carlos Sainz were still painting before Sergio Pérez.

In the minute before the end of Q1, what you could see was a huge difficulty for both Aston Martin and Haas to make the car perform. At the time of the decisive lap, Schumacher still locked the entire car in turn one and spoiled the time right away. Magnussen would have the loop deleted seconds later and he would also be out.

Another who braked at turn one and lost the lap was Latifi. “The car just didn’t turn, I don’t know what happened,” he explained on the radio. One way or another, it was worth the elimination.

In the end, Latifi was 16th in Q1 and opened the elimination list. Sebastian Vettel, Stroll, Magnussen and Schumacher were the others.

As they were punished with 15 positions each, it is possible to pin that Magnussen and Schumacher would start, respectively, in positions 16 and 17. Behind him, those who had greater punishments: Tsunoda, Sainz and Lewis Hamilton, but in an order that would be defined during the classification.

Sebastian Vettel crashed in Q1 again (Photo: Aston Martin)

Q2 – Sainz finishes up front, while Alonso is saved by Ocon vacuum

Expect nothing! Red Bull opened the work of the intermediate phase of the classification with both cars on the track. Meanwhile, the official F1 TV broadcast aired a curious art indicating the lap time of a car of the category at the Monza track. In comparison, it said that a family car, of those normal ones that people all over the world have in the garage, is only 75s slower during a lap around there. It’s all right…

Sainz, on the track, ran in 1min20s878 and changed the time to be surpassed until then in the classification. With a good distance, by the way, to the second place, Leclerc: 0s330. Verstappen was in the same tenth as Charles and had Pérez a little behind. The four returned to the pits to end their participation in Q2: it was enough to qualify and go ahead.

After the first round of fast laps, Hamilton and George Russell painted as the best of the rest, while Fernando Alonso, Pierre Gasly, Esteban Ocon and Lando Norris rounded out the top-10.

Speaking of ending the participation, Tsunoda didn’t even leave the garage: thus, the AlphaTauri pilot confirms his fate. Since he had a penalty of being thrown to the back of the grid, he only competed for space with those who had the same penalty: Hamilton and Sainz. The two were still on the track and, this time, Yuki guaranteed to start in 20th.

Before opening the final fast lap, rookie De Vries briefly escaped the track and saw the odds run out. There was no time to cast back after that.

Who managed to recover in the last attempt was even Daniel Ricciardo: the Australian jumped to eighth, glued behind Norris, and went to Q3. Lando ended up complaining about AlphaTauri, who dropped Gasly in front of him to go to the track.

11th in Q2 and first out was Ocon. Punished with the loss of five positions on the grid, the Frenchman took advantage of the last lap to give his teammate Alonso a vacuum and, thus, was left. Behind him, Valtteri Bottas, De Vries, Guanyu Zhou and Tsunoda.

Despite Ocon’s penalty, his position in the race was still undefined – Pérez, with a ten-place penalty, could still fall behind. Bottas was already up in 15th place.

The top ten were Sainz, Leclerc, Verstappen, Pérez, Hamilton, Russell, Norris, Ricciardo, Alonso and Gasly.

Nyck De Vries will start in the top ten (Photo: Williams)

Q3 – As expected, Leclerc takes pole at Italian GP

The first round of fast laps in the decisive moment of the practice saw Sainz taking the lead and recording 1:20.584. Very strong time, followed by Leclerc, 0s186 behind. Verstappen and Pérez lurked, but with the Mexican far away.

After that, Russell was fifth and was followed by Norris, Hamilton, Ricciardo and Gasly. Alonso didn’t walk on the first try.

As the drivers took to the track for one more lap, Alonso followed in the pit lane. With positions guaranteed at the front due to the penalties, he ended the participation there.

Sainz went back to riding first and even improved the lap, but Leclerc went over the top. With 1min20s161, he took the lead by 0s268. Verstappen placed himself between the two Ferrari drivers but was unable to overtake Leclerc. Pérez finished fourth.

Hamilton was fifth, while Russell, Norris, Ricciardo, Gasly and Alonso closed out the top ten in Q3.

With a very intricate grid, what could be said was the real top-10 for the start: Leclerc, Russell, Norris, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Gasly, Alonso, De Vries, Zhou and Pérez.

F1 2022, Italian GP, ​​Monza, Starting Grid:

1 C LECLERC Ferrari 1:20,161
two G RUSSELL mercedes 1:21,542 +1,381
3 L NORRIS McLaren Mercedes 1:21,584 +1,423
4 M VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Honda 1:20,306 +0.145 P + 5
5 DRINCIARD McLaren Mercedes 1:21,925 +1,764
6 P GASLY AlphaTauri Honda 1:22,648 +2,487
7 F ALONSO alpine
8 NUMBER OF VRIES Williams Mercedes 1:22,471 +2,310
9 G ZHOU Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1:22,577 +2,416
10 S PEREZ Red Bull Honda 1:21,206 +1,045 P + 10
11 N LATIFI Williams Mercedes 1:22,587 +2,426
12 AND OCON alpine 1:22,130 +1,969 P + 5
13 S VETTEL Aston Martin Mercedes 1:22,636 +2,475
14 L STROL Aston Martin Mercedes 1:22,748 +2,587
15 V BOOTS Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1:22,235 +2,074 P + 15
16 K MAGNUSEN Haas Ferrari 1:22,908 +2,747 P + 15
17 M SCHUMACHER Haas Ferrari 1:23,005 +2,844 P + 15
18 C SAINZ Ferrari 1:20,429 +0.268 FG
19 L HAMILTON mercedes 1:21,524 +1,363 FG
20 Y TSUNODA AlphaTauri Honda FG
Time 107% 1:25,772 +5,611
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