LG Xboom LHD687: More Home Theater for Mini System

O Xboom LHD687 is the latest addition to the audio line from LG. It is a curious Home theater of 4.2 channels, distributed in only two towers of 2.1. The manufacturer claims that the surround effect provided by the set, 1,250 W RMS, manages to offer the same experience of dedicated speakers.

In practice, although powerful, this product is closer to a Mini System than a Home Theater.

Home Theater LG XBOOM LHD687 (Credit: Ronaldo Gogoni/Meio Bit)

Home Theater LG Xboom LHD687 (Credit: Ronaldo Gogoni/Meio Bit)

Is the LHD687 worth what it asks for? I tested it for a month and I’ll tell you what I think about it below.

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Design and connections

The LHD687 is made up of two boxes just over one meter high, with a plywood body, each with two woofers at the top (front and rear channels), and the subwoofer at the bottom. Both are solid and well-built, with metal guards and piano black plastic accents, and visually, they’re quite beautiful.

LG claims that this design was designed for living rooms and other more compact environments, where the user doesn’t have much space to spread out dedicated boxes, but also targets the less skilled (or less patient) consumer to do the installation on their own.

In fact, connecting the boxes to the central is quite simple. All the wires are very well marked and the connectors indicate, in detail, where each one goes.

Home Theater LG XBOOM LHD687 (Credit: Ronaldo Gogoni/Meio Bit)

Home Theater LG Xboom LHD687 (Credit: Ronaldo Gogoni/Meio Bit)

What will leave a lot of people with the flea behind their ear, is the more than strange decision of LG to save on the central. Instead of offering a Blu-ray player, present in the previous model LHB655, the LHD687 brings, in an indefensible way, a DVD player.

Pot more than the manufacturer argues that its intention is to serve a more specific audience, those who value audio media and have older libraries, there is no reason to save a few bucks on the player, and one that reads Blu-ray would also support DVD , CD and FM radio, like this one.

The impression that LG gives with the LHD687 is that it is retreading old components forward, with a lot of emphasis on the “old”.

Home Theater LG XBOOM LHD687 (Credit: Ronaldo Gogoni/Meio Bit)

Home Theater LG Xboom LHD687 (Credit: Ronaldo Gogoni/Meio Bit)

The player has a USB port, capable of reading audio and video files, a P2 for auxiliary audio, and two for microphone, as it has Karaoke function. The media player came in the traditional drawer format, ejected at the touch of a button.

Behind there are composite video and simple HDMI connections (that is, no ARC), in addition to optics, whose use is mandatory for those who want to have proper channel separation, and support for virtual surround via Dolby Audio.

Speaking of buttons, we have the remote control, and one look at it is enough to understand that the LHD687 is in fact a very old project, which has received a new look. It’s huge and full of buttons, but it offers controls for just about everything, except Bluetooth, which should be done through the phone.

Home Theater LG XBOOM LHD687 (Credit: Ronaldo Gogoni/Meio Bit)

Home Theater LG Xboom LHD687 (Credit: Ronaldo Gogoni/Meio Bit)

For those who were expecting simplicity of operation, it will be necessary to invest a little time to memorize everything that is possible to do with the control.

sound quality

To be fair, LG still insists on releasing products to niche audiences, which is where the LHD687 best suits, but there are some issues here, the first and most obvious being the boxes. It is a fact that the set is quite powerful, even at well-behaved volume levels, but immersion is another five hundred.

Right off the bat, LG designed two recesses above each subwoofer, which the unwary might think there are tweeters there, but no. The effect is only aesthetic, and it doesn’t make any sense; below there are the air vents than at high volumes are not enough to prevent distortion.

However, the biggest flaw is in the proposal. As much as LG claims the LHD687 is capable, when connected via optical cable, of delivering a convincing virtual surround effect, Dolby Audio doesn’t work miracles, and there’s no Dolby Atmos support here. You’ll have power, but you won’t have the sensation of vehicles passing behind you, or voices coming from the center of the screen.

Everything is mixed up, coming from the sides.

Home Theater LG XBOOM LHD687 (Credit: Ronaldo Gogoni/Meio Bit)

Home Theater LG Xboom LHD687 (Credit: Ronaldo Gogoni/Meio Bit)

On the other hand, the speakers have good bass, but that sounds more like a consolation prize than anything else. To be quite straightforward, the LHD687 is a Mini System with illusions of grandeur.

Software, apps and extras

Again, the basics of the basics. The DVD player that comes with the kit gives you fine control for playing CDs and DVDs, or playing music and videos via external USB drives, with a maximum resolution of 1080p and 60 Hz refresh. There is also FM radio support, in which an antenna comes with Home Theater.

The most interesting part, and mandatory, are the dedicated settings that allow you to adjust the volume of each of the speakers and subwoofers, but again, the interface reveals how old this project is.

Home Theater LG XBOOM LHD687 (Credit: Ronaldo Gogoni/Meio Bit)

Home Theater LG Xboom LHD687 (Credit: Ronaldo Gogoni/Meio Bit)

The Bluetooth connection is made through the cell phone, in which the signal locks all the functions of buttons on both the DVD player and the remote control, except for the volume of this one, which you cannot adjust using your mobile device. This one will be responsible for everything else, like changing tracks and selecting albums/videos.


The Xboom LHD687 is a curious product, to say the least. Although it has a good finish and presentation, it doesn’t offer the same kind of immersion as a home theater with dedicated speakers. It comes closer to a Mini System.

This is a set aimed mainly at nostalgia lovers, who want to play old physical audio and video media, but it is difficult to recommend it as a serious option to a “real” kit. The previous model LHB655, with 5.1 real channels, has a suggested price very close to this one, which can be purchased for around R$ 1,800 in the retail network, and also comes with Blu-ray, not DVD.

Home Theater LG XBOOM LHD687 (Credit: Ronaldo Gogoni/Meio Bit)

Home Theater LG Xboom LHD687 (Credit: Ronaldo Gogoni/Meio Bit)

If you intend to take home a product closer to a more traditional stereo, or don’t have much space to install a real Home Theater, maybe the Xboom LHD687 is a good option; but be aware that there are better options for similar prices.

Home Theater LG Xboom LHD687 — Technical Data

  • Model: LHD687-FC;
  • Number of channels: 4.2;
  • Power: 1250 W (RMS);
  • Loudspeakers: 4 x 3″ woofers and 2 x 6.5″ subwoofers
  • Impedance: 3 Ω;
  • Supported formats: DVD, CD, MP3, WMA, MP4, Dolby Audio;
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels;
  • Update rate: 60 Hz;
  • DAC: 148MHz/12bit (video);
  • connections: Bluetooth, HDMI-CEC support;
  • ports: HDMI, optical audio out, composite video, 1 USB Type-A, 1 auxiliary audio P2 input, 2 microphone inputs, 1 FM antenna jack (included);
  • Extras: Karaoke function, FM radio;
  • Energy consumption: 0.5 W (standby);
  • Dimensions: 36 x 5.8 x 29.9 cm (DVD player), 2X 106.4 x 36.7 x 31.6 cm (speakers);
  • Weight: 2.74 kg (DVD player), 2X 13.4 kg (speakers).

Strong points:

  • Very powerful sound;
  • Easy to install;
  • Good value for money… for a Mini System.


  • Virtual surround doesn’t match dedicated speakers;
  • No support for modern standards such as Dolby Atmos;
  • 1998 called and asked for the DVD player back.

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