Man injured after being kicked by bull in Portugal

A man was injured after being kicked during a bullfight in the village of Reguengo, in the city of Portalegre, Portugal. The boy was participating in a traditional event in the region, in honor of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios and São Gregório Magno, when he was hit by the animal, which reacted after being skewered with a stick by another man.

The enclosure the bull was in had just been opened for the start of the bullfight when the incident took place. A witness recorded the moment on video, showing that the bovine, marked with the number 756, kicked with its hind legs when provoked, hitting the victim who was standing behind him.

The moment he was hit, the man was raising his arm, apparently ready to slap the animal.

The accident happened on Monday (5) and the injured man was transferred to a hospital in Lisbon, about 230 km away, according to local newspaper Linhas de Elvas.

The Portuguese press did not provide further information on the identity or state of health of the young man who, despite the impact, managed to get up on his own right after the bull was kicked, being helped by colleagues who helped him to lean on the gate of the pen that guarded the bull. animal.

Even with the incident, the festivals in the village of Reguengo continue until the 11th of September.

Traditional also in Spain, bullfights in Portugal are a little different from those in the neighbourhood: in Portuguese practice, instead of a bullfighter with a red cloth, the “opponents” of the bulls are usually on horseback. There is also a modality called “grab or pitch” in which eight men fight the animal without any protective device, to immobilize it.

In addition, while in Spanish events the bull is usually killed during the bullfight, in Portugal the animals are slaughtered later in an abattoir. Despite the cultural attachment, in the last two years at least five bills have passed through the European country calling for an end to public funding for bullfighting, going against “animal suffering”. However, all were rejected and the practice remains legal and with a government budget.

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