Meet the controversies of Cara Delevingne after shocking video

Cara Delevingne shocked fans, friends and family by appearing beside herself at an airport this week. The family plans an intervention.

The 30-year-old actress and model known for “Paper Town” (2015), “Suicide Squad”, “Love and Tulips” (2018), “Life in a Year” (2020) and more already collects some controversies, but none caused as much astonishment as the state in which she was clicked by paparazzi in the last week.

Remember some of the famous stories:

Cara has spoken publicly about sexual experiences, and has come out as pansexual publicly. She has dated or had affairs with several female stars over the years, including singer St. Vincent and actresses Ashley Benson, Sienna Miller and singer Halsey.

Homophobia and Pansexuality – “I grew up in a very old-fashioned family. I didn’t know anyone who was gay, I didn’t know it existed… In fact, I was very homophobic. The idea of ​​being [sexualmente] with someone of the same gender as me was disgusting to myself. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’ll never do that. It’s disgusting,'” the actress said as she recalled thoughts of her youth, before coming out. “I felt so ashamed for being that. [que odiava]. These days, I think it’s the part of me that I love and accept the most,” she commented.

sexual experiences – the actress has no problem sharing details about her intimacy. To the series “Lady Parts”, she guy stated that she has had sex in the elevator and had group sex. “[Fiz sexo no elevador] when I was much younger, but I remember the spontaneity of it. We had sex in the elevator. I mean, it was so sexy and amazing. I met him that day and I thought, ‘This is crazy,’” he said.

“It’s complicated, especially when you’re having sex with men and women. With group sex it’s also fun. I don’t know, it’s hard to decide,” she said, trying to classify which was the best experience she’s had.

Kiss on Selena Gomez

The actress has already starred in a kiss with Selena Gomez in the series “Only Murders in the Building”. “Wouldn’t anyone in the world want to kiss Selena? It was just hysterical. It’s one of those things that happens, especially when you already know someone. You just have fun. […] She is brilliant. One of the actresses I enjoyed working with the most.”, she said at the time.

Controversy at the airport

According to the Daily Mail, in the infamous scene where she was clicked barefoot and seemingly out of her mind at the airport, Cara Delevingne had just missed a flight on rapper Jay-Z’s private jet. She would have arrived two hours late and even got on the aircraft, but did not take off, which suggests that she may have had some friction with the rapper. She was next seen walking around visibly nervous, barefoot, and even dropping her cell phone on the floor a few times.

Passed the point with rapper

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