MSI reveals prices of X670E and X670 motherboard models for Ryzen 7000

Four AM5-compatible models have their prices published

This Wednesday (7th), the MSI revealed the prices of some socket AM5 motherboards with the chipsets X670E and X670with support for processors Ryzen 7000revealed by the company in May of this year, during the Computex 2022. The company released the prices of four models already listed on the North American website of MSI: PRO X670-P WIFI; MPG X670E CARBON WIFI; MEG X670E ACE; MEG X670E GODLIKE. Suggested prices range from $290 The US$ 1,300.

THE MSI is the first among the partners of the OMG to officially reveal the suggested prices of motherboards compatible with the processors AMD Ryzen 7000, announced last month. In general, the biggest difference between the models X670E and X670 is the presence and operation of PCIe 5.0 in both slots at the same time, M.2 and PCIe, on models ending in AND. While in X670 support happens one at a time. So in this case if there is already a component PCIe 5.0 connected to the system M.2 slotno other device will conform to this standard, even if they are compliant.

Models and prices of the new MSI X670/X670E motherboards

Highlights of MSI models

In addition to standard compatibility PCIe 5.0 – which offers twice the transfer rate of the previous generation and can deliver up to 128 GB/s of transfer bandwidth, the new models X670E and X670 support the latest memory DDR5. Another highlight is the upgrade of available ports for connection, such as a rear USB Type-C with video support, in addition to Display Port 2.0 connection.

The models are divided between MEG series, MPG and PROgives MSI. THE MAG series of the brand will also win motherboards compatible with the new socket AM5 in the future, as indicated on the company’s website.

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