Nova CNH: See how to track the delivery of the document over the internet

Newly qualified drivers, who requested the duplicate or the renewal of the CNH (National Driver’s License)must wait for the document to arrive to start or return to driving according to the rules.

However, there is the possibility of tracking the CNH delivery process, including for taxi or app drivers who are waiting for the document to arrive.

How to track the CNH on the Detran website?

See how to do the following procedure:

  1. Go to your state’s Detran website;
  2. Look for “CNH service tracking (shipping by post office)” or “Consult CNH shipment”. The options may be different according to each state’s Detran;
  3. Inform the data requested by the site, such as your CPF and your date of birth;
  4. Then click on “Next”;
  5. Then, the tracking code of the Post Office will appear, copy it (preferably save it in your notebook, so you don’t have to enter the Detran website again);
  6. Finally, access the Correios website and search for “Object Tracking”, paste the code and click “Search”.

New CNH: What has changed?

In short, the changes in the document focus on adapting to the international model, including changes in terms of safety and appearance.

security items

The new CNH will have two versions: digital and printed. This is nothing new, as this standard has been in place since 2017, however, the printed version will use security paper and glow-in-the-dark fluorescent ink, as well as items that will only be visible with ultraviolet light and a hologram.

In addition, it is important to make it clear that the new document standard will highlight those who have a driving permit or a definitive CNH. For this, the new Wallet will have two letters, as follows:

  • Letter “P” to identify that the driver has the permit;
  • Letter “D” to identify that the driver has the definitive one.

In addition, the new model will also have the same field that currently exists in the ACC (Authorization to Drive Moped) and its international standard (via the MRZ code – Machine Readable Zone, used in passports and will allow boarding at self-service terminals.

New look

The new driver’s license model will end the predominance of the green color. Now, the document will have both green and yellow color.

According to the new official document, at the bottom, the document will have the driver’s signature inserted just below the photo. Thus, the document becomes different from the previous one, where the signature is after the fold.

The version will also feature a frame with silhouettes of vehicles that drivers are allowed to drive. The CNH will also have a table of observations to inform possible medical restrictions or if the driver carries out paid activity as a driver.

See what success is on the Internet:

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