Roger v Cruise reliable to play Serie A and projects campaign in 2023

Former Cruzeiro player, commentator Roger Flores v
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Former Cruzeiro player, commentator Roger Flores v team coached by Pezzolano with potential to campaign in mid-table in Serie A

For commentator Roger Flores, from SportTVthere is no doubt that the Cruzeiro team has the potential to have a stable campaign in Serie A in 2023. In the former midfielder’s view, the team coached by Paulo Pezzolano will manage to reach a mid-table position.

After narrator Luiz Carlos Jnior stated that Cruzeiro would have to change many things for the next season, as they did not do well against Serie A opponents in 2022, Roger reiterated that the team needs adjustments, but showed confidence in the squad.

“Obviously a team that needs adjustments. Cruzeiro is not a team that gives a show, (but) a very organized and obedient team. Cruzeiro next year is not coming to be champions of Libertadores or Copa do Brasil. stabilize again”, opined the former player during the Selection SportTV.

“It’s just that, for maintenance, a team like Cruzeiro, which plays balanced, has an intelligent and tactically obedient coach, (has potential) for mid-table in the Brazilian Championship. With what it has in Serie B, Cruzeiro plays for between ninth and 13th place (in Serie A). The way they play today, Cruzeiro is very reliable”, he added.

Cruzeiro fan relief

Roger Flores also spoke about the feeling of Cruzeiro in seeing the team a few steps away from returning to the elite of Brazilian football. The former midfielder claims that the fans cry, above all, for relief.

“The (fan’s) cry of relief. Undoubtedly. The Cruzeiro fan never imagined playing in Serie B. If someone told me at the end of 2012, when I left the club, that Cruzeiro would play in Serie B in seven years, I would say ‘I doubt it, Cruzeiro is not going at all”, he pointed out.

“What they did to Cruzeiro was a crime. They took from the eyes of passionate fans what they love most, which is being able to live with Cruzeiro where it should be. Cruzeiro was part of police pages for a long time. 2022 campaign). a relief”, he concluded.

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