The new Princess of Wales from commoner to future queen – 10/09/2022

The new Princess of Wales has become a role model for royalty since joining the UK’s most famous family, showing poise in her public appearances and avoiding the harsh criticism leveled at her sister-in-law Meghan.

Catherine married the now heir to the throne, Prince William, in 2011 and has been gaining prominence in public appearances as Queen Elizabeth II scaled back her schedule.

The couple, both in their 40s, played an important role during the coronavirus pandemic and have emerged in recent years among the most popular members of the Crown after the late sovereign.

Before Kate Middleton, and then Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall, the new Princess of Wales is the daughter of a businessman and a flight attendant, Michael and Carole Middleton.

She attended a prestigious private school, Marlborough College, and began dating William while studying art history at the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland.

The couple has been together ever since, except for a brief breakup in 2007 that Kate says made her “a stronger person”.

She worked briefly at the luxury fashion chain Jigsaw before her wedding at London’s historic Westminster Abbey in 2011, in which she wore an Alexander McQueen creation with lace sleeves.

William’s decision to marry “a commoner” after a long relationship contrasts with the marriage of his father, now King Charles III, in 1981 to aristocrat Diana Spencer, just 20, 12 years younger.

Since their engagement, Kate has spoken little about her experience at the Crown, unlike her sister-in-law Meghan Markle, who married William’s younger brother Prince Harry in 2018.

The couple surprised by giving up their royal duties and moving to the United States in March 2020. From there, they began to criticize life in the palace.

Meghan, a former television actress in the United States, told Oprah Winfrey in a March 2021 interview that she had a cold reception and denounced press harassment.

Early in their relationship, photographers also followed Kate’s every move, drawing parallels with the media’s treatment of William’s mother, Princess Diana, who died in 1997.

It was also reported that William’s friends laughed at his new mother-in-law’s profession, who was also criticized for not using “elegant” phrases.

William, however, spoke of the affectionate relationship he had with his wife’s parents.

-Kate vs. Meghan-

In 2013, Kate gave birth to Prince George, who will be next in line to the throne after William.

Then Princess Charlotte arrived in 2015 and Prince Louis in 2018. The princess spoke of her struggles with morning sickness, confessing in a podcast that she was “not the happiest pregnant woman”.

At the time, Prince Harry was often photographed at events with his brother and sister-in-law, looking relaxed and affectionate in their company.

When Meghan arrived on the scene, the couples seemed to get along well, prompting predictions that the four would be the face of the modern monarchy.

But shortly after Harry and Meghan’s 2018 wedding at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, rumors of an estrangement began to surface.

The Sun newspaper reported in November of that year that Meghan made Kate cry during her daughter Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress fitting.

In the interview with Oprah, Meghan assured that it was the exact opposite, that Kate apologized and sent her flowers. She regretted, however, that Buckingham Palace never corrected the information.

The relentless British newspapers were criticized for treating the African-American Meghan in a different way than Kate, a point that did not go unnoticed by Harry.

In November 2016, shortly after making the relationship public, Harry assured that “a threshold had been crossed” and denounced comments with “racial tone”.

After the couple publicly accused the royal family of racism, much emphasis was placed on the different treatment received by the two women.

– “Showcase mannequin” –

But Kate was not without criticism. Some feminists criticized her for her perfectly groomed appearance hours after giving birth.

The fact that she didn’t hide her postpartum belly was well-received. But British actress Keira Knightley said Kate’s tidy appearance puts pressure on women to “look pretty” and “hide our pain”.

Novelist Hilary Mantel accused Kate of looking like “a shop window mannequin with no personality of her own”.

However, Kate speaks passionately about aspects such as children’s development or early childhood influences. “Our early childhood shapes our adult lives,” she said.

In July 2021, it launched the Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood.

His love of photography is also known. Some of the official family pictures were taken by her at home or in the garden.

During the pandemic, Kate and William, who was infected with covid, publicly supported the vaccination campaign and spoke to medical staff and people who were afraid of being immunized.


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