Under pressure, Lisca criticizes flaws and says he will change Santos

Coach Lisca did not relieve his players after Santos’ 2-1 defeat to Ceará. He cited the individual failures that caused Vozão’s goals in the first half.

The first, for example, happened at the beginning of the match after Guilherme Castilho received a pass and faced goalkeeper João Paulo. In the second, Eduardo Bauermann tried a retreat, but the ball was very weak and Zé Roberto kept it, displacing the Santos goalkeeper once again. Marcos Leonardo reduced the score for the team, this time in a failure of Ceará’s defense, also in a retreat.

Santos fans even used social media to ask for the coach’s resignation. This possibility, however, is not yet considered by the club.

“We had individual failures, we missed the first goal, we didn’t swing the line and we left a lot of space. In the second goal, the ball was ours, we had two options and we missed. we suffer in this tactical issue. The failures are individual, but the responsibility is the coach. The coach is the one who chooses the players, the coach is the one who starts. I have to assume together with the players who failed”, said the coach.

According to Lisca, who is coming off two straight defeats, Santos also needs a change in attitude to achieve a better result in the competition. Currently, the team is in 10th position with 34 points. He should also promote changes in the lineup for the next match, against Palmeiras, on the 18th.

“After two defeats, there is always an assessment to be made. Let’s sit down and observe carefully. We have to change our attitude first. At the beginning of the match it was very bad. It is a moment of reassessment, of rethinking the way of playing. to have defensive solidity and be more aggressive, to be able to bother the opposing goalkeeper more. Finishing hurts little”, he analyzed.

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