Tourist is fined more than R$2,000 for eating ice cream next to a historic fountain

An American tourist visiting Rome was fined €450, equivalent to R$2,230, after being caught eating an ice cream while sitting on a staircase in a fountain in the city. The practice violates the rules for protecting monumental sources.

Italian Police told CNN International that the 55-year-old man sat by the Fontana dei Catecumeni to eat at around 1 am on Saturday. In addition to the ice cream, he had a can of beer with him. Realizing the infraction, the police approached him and in the name of “decorum” and preservation laws, imposed the fine.

In addition to protecting the heritage, in Rome you cannot drink in the streets and swim in the fountains. But it was only in 2019, with the revision and update of the rule, that such a fine was introduced for anyone caught sitting, eating or drinking on the steps of fountains in the city. The most curious thing is that these places were once very famous for being great for resting.

In June, two other American tourists were fined for ruining steps in Piazza di Spagna by riding an electric scooter on the steps – which is a popular place in Rome. Other cities in Italy have also imposed fines on tourists for breaking laws like this one, which, in short, are implemented on account of excessive tourism – when there is a risk of damaging spaces.

Last month, two tourists were booked for riding motorized surfboards on Venice’s Grand Canal, right up to the needling of the city’s mayor, “arrogant assholes who mock the city”, jeez! Ahh, and in 2020 another smart-ass visitor had to shell out the equivalent of more than 6 thousand reais for having – amazed – tried to steal more than two kilos of sand from the island of Sardinia. People???

It’s better to choose another corner to have lunch in Rome, have you thought about paying for all that?!

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