How Scarlett Johansson Once Embarrassed Brie Larson on TV


Scarlett Johansson and Brie Larson may be friends, but they don’t know exactly how they met. During an appearance on “Ellen” in 2019, the actors answered a question about how they became friends in a very different way. Larson told the talk show host that she and Johansson exchanged a few messages a few years ago before they met in person. Johansson remembered differently. “Don’t you remember how we met?” Johansson asked in disbelief. Larson claimed that they met at New Year’s dinner, but Johansson corrected her by reminding her that they met on the set of a movie called “Don Jon”. Johansson joked, “Clearly, that impressed me, but someone else didn’t.”

In Larson’s defense, she has a much smaller role in the 2013 film than Johansson. At the time, Johansson was also a much bigger star, and Larson felt intimidated. “I just felt like I was basically a glorified extra and you were Scarlett Johansson,” she said. Johansson maintained that she remembered Larson well from the film. “I noticed you, Brie. I noticed you. You weren’t a glorified extra,” she said.

It would be a few years before Larson and Johansson appeared on screen together again, this time in “Captain Marvel” and “Avengers: Endgame,” two of Marvel’s highest-grossing films to date, according to Time. When that time came, though, they found themselves butting heads with the studio and fans over their roles.


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