Brie Larson May Leave Captain Marvel Role Over Haters

With just under a year to go before returning to the screen in the skin of Carol Danvers /captain marvelin the marvels, Brie Larson worried his fans with a recent statement, in which he said he does not know how long he will play the heroine.

The doubt of the actress was exposed during a quick interview with the American magazine Variety during the D23 Expo, an event promoted by Disney, the studio that owns Marvel, after the screening of the first scenes of the sequel to her solo film as Captain Marvel.

“How long are you going to play Captain Marvel?” asked the reporter. “I don’t know, I don’t know… Does anyone want me to do it again?”, she said after shrugging her shoulders, looking quite dissatisfied.

“Don’t be so modest,” replied the reporter, taking Larson’s statement in jest. “I don’t know, I don’t really know, I don’t have an answer for that” she concluded, not seeming to be mocking the question, despite smiling.

The star’s statement captain marvel left fans on social media in turmoil, with many blaming misogynist haters who attacked the actress online for possibly considering dropping the role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

See some comments:

“It’s really heartbreaking to see her say that, because you know this all comes from exhaustion over the constant dumping and misogynistic attacks she had to deal with playing this character.”

“I love how Marvel rushed to Chris Pratt’s defense when people accused him of homophobia, but they never moved to support Brie after years of attacks and threats,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“I really wanted someone to explain what’s wrong with her job as Captain Marvel without mentioning the haircuts or the fact that she’s a woman,” pointed out another.

“I honestly don’t understand. The movie is good, her cameos are good and she is a spectacular actress (infinitely better than Elizabeth Olsen or Scarlett Johansson). People hate her for being a feminist but ignore the other 200 really problematic actors in the MCU,” defended a third.

“I don’t know if her intention was to sound funny, but she seemed hostile to me,” said another person, noting that if the statement was a joke, the actress could not make it clear.

the marvels is set to premiere on July 27, 2023.

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