MSI also has Intel Arc A380 graphics – See photo and benchmarks

GPU is low profile and has robust cooling system for this type of card

Intel has already confirmed that its first-generation Alchemist high-end graphics card, Arc A770, is ready, but only the entry-level GPU, Arc A380, is on the market. The weakest SKU in the lineup continues to receive new models from partner manufacturers and the MSI is another one of them, with its low-profile Arc A380 that equips workstations from the Japanese DAIV.

The PC DAIV Z3-A380 is one of the first machines built with Intel’s entry-level GPU manufactured by MSI. The card had already been announced last month, but only now is it possible to get your hands, still in a very limited way, on one.

The ITmedia site did a review of the MSI Arc A380, and the entire PC that the card is equipped with, bringing several synthetic benchmarks. The tests compare the DAIV Z3-A380 to the DAIV 4N, powered by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650. If you’ve seen our review of the AsRock A380 Challenger ITX OC, you know that it generally lags behind the NVIDIA GPU in synthetic tests.

MSI’s Arc A380 outperforms the GTX 1650 in 3DMark

ITmedia tests show that MSI’s Arc A380 is ahead of the GTX 1650 in 3DMark. The PC that comes with the Intel GPU is also equipped with a Core i7-12700 and 32 GB DDR4, while the machine equipped with the GTX 1650 has an i7-1260P and 16 GB of ram.

Although MSI’s Arc A380 is low profile, the card occupies two slots because of its robust cooler for this type of video card. The model has a heatsink that covers almost the entire length of the card, in addition to two fans, which must be 90 mm, something not very common in this card profile.

The next generation of GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA are getting closer and closer to being announced. Intel, so far, has started its market share, in a troubled way, with only the entry GPU, without any prediction of when the next cards from the Alchemist lineup will hit the market.

The closest we’ve come to a possible date are rumors that point to Intel’s September 27 event, plus Tom Petersen with his “very soon” in publicity videos and interviews given.

Official: Intel details specs for Arc A770, A750 and A580 GPUs

Official: Intel details specs for Arc A770, A750 and A580 GPUs
In addition to the Arc A380 that has already been launched


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Via: VideoCardz Source: ITmedia

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