6 Xiaomi smartwatches to buy with up to 60% off

If you were just waiting for a friendly offer to change your smartwatch, you can celebrate and get ready for this amazing AliExpress promotion: there are six great Xiaomi smartwatches that are up to 60% off!

But stay tuned: these prices are only available until the 18th of September or until the end of stocks for each product. So choose your model soon and get ready to make your purchase.

Xiaomi smartwatches

Credit: Mibro C2 – DisclosureBuy six Xiaomi smartwatches with up to 60% off

Ah, the products still have free shipping and fast delivery to all Brazil. And you can still use exclusive coupons from free ratchet to get more discounts. For purchases over R$60, use the code ratchet 15 to have BRL 15 OFF; and, for orders over R$110, apply the code ratchet 15 to have BRL 25 discount.

For those who don’t know, the micro and the Haylou are brands in the Xiaomi ecosystem and follow the same premise of creating quality products at very attractive prices. That is, you can trust that you will be making a great purchase.

Now let’s go to Xiaomi smartwatches?

Mibro Watch X1

Sportsmen on call, check out this smartwatch with 38 different disciplines, including yoga, jumping rope and triathlon! we are talking about Mibro Watch X1, which costs between R$304.71 and R$326.88 in the Aliexpress promotion, depending on the color chosen. The model is even waterproof, to a depth of up to 5ATM, which makes it ideal for swimmers!

Xiaomi smartwatches

Credit: Mibro – DisclosurePerfect for swimmers, the Mibro X1 costs between R$304.71 and R$326.88 in the promotion

You even monitor your sleep, weight, heart rate and blood oxygenation rate. And, to accompany you in every moment of your routine, the device has a battery that lasts 14 days on just one charge!

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C2 micro

For those looking for more style and practicality in life, the tip is to take home the Mibro C2, which costs between R$149.59 and R$160.65, depending on the option chosen. The model is available with silicone wristbands in various colors (blue, green, white, etc.), which are easily interchangeable.

Credit: Mibro C2 – DisclosureThe Mibro C2 costs between R$149.59 and R$160.65 on AliExpress

With a 1.69-inch screen and a weight of only 34g, the watch has an NFC writing system, which allows you to register smart door access cards, allowing you to unlock them just by lifting your arm. Practical, no?

The model is also good for sports, as it monitors 20 exercise modes, heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. But pay attention, because its water resistance is 2ATM, so it is not suitable for aquatic practices.

The battery has an autonomy of 7 days with daily use and up to 30 days in simple mode, without connecting to another device.

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Mibro A1

If you are looking for a light and elegant design, a good option may be the Mibro A1, which costs between R$182.77 and R$207.17, in the AliExpress promotiondepending on the chosen combo.

Credit: Mibro – DisclosureThe Mibro A1 costs BRL 124.54 in the AliExpress promotion

The template has a customizable interface and is very easy to use. Among the features, the heart rate measurement 24 hours a day and the 12 sports modalities stand out. So, you exercise safely. Not to mention that the device monitors your sleep.

The Mibro A1 is also resistant to water (to a depth of 5ATM) and dust, which can help to extend its lifespan.

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Micro Color

Pool lovers, the Mibro Color is another great option for those who enjoy water sports (for depths up to 5ATM). The device costs between R$209.17 and R$220.23 in the AliExpress promotiondepending on the color chosen – and one is more beautiful than the other!

Credit: Mibro – DisclosureBuy Mibro Color paying between R$209.17 and R$220.23 in the promotion

The model has 15 sports and monitors blood pressure, heart rate and sleep quality. And the battery still lasts for 10 days!

Mibro Color also notifies you, in real time, about calls, alarms, messages and activities in various apps. You will never miss any appointments again!

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Xiaomi Band 7

If you’ve never owned a smartwatch and want a simpler model, why not get a smartwatch? THE Xiaomi Band 7 costs between R$201.91 and R$249.67 in the AliExpress promotiondepending on the color and the chosen combo.

Xiaomi smartwatches

Credit: Xiaomi – DisclosureThe Xiaomi Mi Band 7 smart bracelet costs between R$201.91 and R$249.67, in the promotion

Compact, the model shows incoming calls, messages and various alerts, as well as monitoring blood oxygen rate, heart rate, sleep, blood pressure and female health. Charging is magnetic and battery life can reach 14 days depending on your usage.

#Turnkey Tip: with the coupon turnstile25you still earn more BRL 25 discount.

Haylou GST

Another model with a great cost-benefit is the Haylou GST, which is only R$132.94 on AliExpress promotion. With a large and clean display, the model has 12 training modalities.

Credit: Haylou – DisclosureHaylou GST costs R$ 132.94 in the promotion

Haylou GST even automatically recognizes your sleep state, recording data like duration and depth without needing a manual setup. And you can even use it to find your smartphone and to control the music you listen to.

#Turnkey Tip: with the coupon turnstile25you still earn more BRL 25 discount.

Did you like these tips? There are still many more unmissable promotions in the AliExpress promotion. Just keep an eye out!

Note: product prices and promotions are valid until September 18th or while stocks last. So stay tuned for the publication date of the article.

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