After Apple, Samsung is also getting ready to offer satellite connectivity on its cell phones

THE iPhone 14 generation was made official by Apple last September 7th and one of the highlights of the Apple presentation was the satellite connectivity present in the devices, shown to be very useful for rescue situations in the most extreme cases.

In order not to be further behind, the rival Samsung would also be planning to incorporate a satellite connectivity model into their Galaxy phones.. The information is from leaker Ricciolo, known for leaking information from the mobile industry.

It is not difficult to understand the alleged move of the South Korean brand to run after this type of service, as Apple made a big fuss about it in the announcement of the iPhone 14although the operation is restricted to the United States and Canada for now.

Still, the availability of satellite connectivity on cell phones looks like it could become a norm in the future and Samsung wouldn’t want to be left behind. As for the network that would be used, it still remains a mystery.

It should be noted that Apple has promised to invest millions in new Globalstar satellites to maintain and expand the service. Emergency SOS on iPhone 14 and future devices. With that, Samsung may have to turn to another connectivity provider.

As the PhoneArena website pointed out, the Samsung can look for the service of starlinkbillionaire’s company Elon Muskwhich is also in talks with Apple. We can only wait and see what the future of satellite connectivity on cell phones will be like.

And you, what do you expect about the connection? via satellite on cell phones? Tell us belowthe comments!

The Apple iPhone 14 is not yet available in Brazilian stores. To be notified when it arrives.

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