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Alice Wegmann speaks after José Dumont's arrest: 'It's a shock' (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Alice Wegmann speaks after José Dumont’s arrest: ‘It’s a shock’ (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

This Friday (16th), Alice Wegmann spoke out after the arrest of José Dumont. In a post, made on Instagram, she commented on the shock of discovering the case. The artist was arrested last Thursday (15) after being caught red-handed with videos of child pornography on his cell phone and personal computer.

“Good morning. This is the first and only time I’m going to comment on this. It’s a shock when someone we admire is accused of an absurd crime. A lost dream, a disappointment. I can’t help but take a stand, I’ve worked with Zé, who was a great actor on the set of “Where the Strong are Born”, but reading what we read yesterday and today leaves anyone off-kilter, disappointed and worried that such terrible acts are carried out by people so close of us,” Alice began.

“May these children and families be welcomed and be able to receive treatment and follow-up. Sex education in schools is of EXTREME importance because it helps to avoid this kind of thing, children and adolescents find a network to report these crimes more easily. Mothers, fathers , be aware. Adults, report it. There is no more room for this in the world. They will not pass”, she concluded.

In the comments, followers of Alice Wegmann spoke about it. “I didn’t expect less from you. Positioning does matter!”, said an internet user. “It’s surreal. When I saw it, I didn’t believe it. But it’s this: We never expect it to happen to someone we admire until it happens”, said another. “You are always so lucid! Sex education is of the utmost importance,” wrote a third.

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In addition to storing videos, José Dumont is being investigated by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro for the crime of rape of a vulnerable person. The investigation was opened after footage from a security camera, which shows the actor kissing and grooming a 12-year-old boy.

According to the delegate Marcello Braga Maiato OUL, José took advantage of his more than 40-year career and “attracted the attention of a 12-year-old teenager, who was a fan of the investigated, and developed a close relationship offering financial help and gifts, taking advantage of the victim’s financial vulnerability. , to then make advances with kisses on the mouth and intimate caresses that ended up being captured by surveillance cameras”.

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