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Náutico enters the field this Friday to face Vasco, at 19h, in São Januário, in search of its third victory in a row in this Series B. If that happens, the Pernambuco club will also be breaking a long fast.

That’s because the last (and only) triumph of Timbu over Cruzmaltino, as a visitor, took place 14 years ago. In a game marked by expulsions, a great goal, and Vasco ended up with an attacker acting as goalkeeper.

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Náutico beat Vasco 3-1, in São Januário, for the 2008 Serie A — Photo: Disclosure

At that time the two clubs were in Serie A of the Brazilian Championship. And they had a direct confrontation against the relegation zone, in a game valid for the 25th round, on September 14th. With the 3-1 victory, Náutico rose to 13th place, while Vasco, with three points less, opened the Z-4.

At the end of that year, Pernambuco managed to remain in the elite, finishing in 16th place. On the other hand, the Cariocas, who had a young Alex Teixeira on the team, suffered the first of their three relegations to Serie B, finishing in 18th position.

Best moments: Vasco 1 x 3 Náutico for the 25th round of the Brasileirão 2008

Best moments: Vasco 1 x 3 Náutico for the 25th round of the Brasileirão 2008

The game started very busy in the first half, with forward Clodoaldo opening the scoring in the 18th minute and needing to be substituted soon after, injured. Vasco reacted and tied in the first stage with Leandro Carvalho, who would return to play one of the characters in the game. Before the break, the hosts lost defender Jorge Luiz, who was expelled.

In the second half, with one more player, Náutico was better. In the 36th minute, the superiority turned into a goal, after forward Willian made a beautiful move, with the right to the opponent’s hat to cross for the side Ruy Cabeção to send it to the nets.

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Then Vasco still had goalkeeper Roberto Volpato expelled. As coach Tita had already made the three substitutions, striker Leandro Carvalho had to go to the goal. And there was still time to concede another goal, scored by Felipe, in stoppage time.

Vasco: Roberto Volpato, Marquinho, Jorge Luiz, André Oliveira and Edu Pina (Jhonny); Serginho, Alex Teixeira (Vilson) and Rodrigo Antônio; Madson, Edmundo (Pedrinho) and Leandro Amaral. Technician: Tita.

Nautical: Eduardo, Adriano Alves, Vagner, Everaldo and Alessandro; Ticão, Derley, Ruy Cabeção and Valdeir (Geraldo); Clodoaldo (Felipe) and Kuki (Willian). Coach: Roberto Fernandes.

goals: Clodoaldo, Ruy Cabeção and Felipe (Náutico); Leanro Amaral (Vasco)

expulsions: Jorge Luiz and Roberto Volpato (Vasco)

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