Find out how King Charles knew his mother the Queen was dying

Newsweek’s chief royal affairs correspondent Jack Royston gave an interview to True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat this Friday (9/16). During the participation, the expert told how the firstborn of Queen Elizabeth II, Charles, found out about the mother’s critical health condition before she “passed away peacefully” on the 8th. According to the expert, the 73-year-old man learned that the monarch “was dying” after a “desperately frantic phone call”.

According to Royston, Charles only discovered that Elizabeth’s health was critical “moments before the world”. An aide to the late majesty ran into a hallway to make a call to the queen’s eldest son, when “all went silent”. At the time, the sovereign’s firstborn and his wife, Camilla Parker, were at Dumfries House, a country house in the Scottish city of Ayrshire. The distance between the property and Balmoral Castle, where the monarch died, is 254 kilometers.

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“Charles and Camilla were at Dumfries House. Camilla was about to record an interview with Jenna Bush Hager, who said she heard footsteps running in the hallway,” revealed Jack Royston. He continued: “Charles got a call, everything was silent and they were asked to be silent.” Upon learning of the situation, the then prince did not hesitate to travel by helicopter to Balmoral Castle. “That was at 12:30 pm, exactly the same time we were told,” said the expert.

“They didn’t wait, they didn’t give Charles an hour or two [antes de contar ao público]” said Jack Royston. Wife of the current king, Camilla Parker would record a chat with Jenna Bush Hager, daughter of former US President George Bush. The interviewer revealed the harrowing moment when Elizabeth’s son learned the news. First, royal aides entered the room, where the filming was taking place, and said, “Can you please be quiet? There is a link”.

Jenna and her husband, Henry Hager, were staying at Dumfries House at the invitation of Charles and Camilla Parker. The couple arrived on the last day 7 at the Scottish property. Queen Elizabeth died the next day, aged 96. The sovereign’s funeral is scheduled for this Monday (19/9). Her coffin is currently in Westminster Hall for subjects to pay farewell tributes. The monarch’s admirers formed a kilometer line, eight kilometers long.

color photo of an old man and an old woman sitting on thrones
King Charles III and Camilla sit on a throne for the first time

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