Leão explains refusal to Santos and regrets club moment: ‘Disappointment’

Brazilian champion coach for Santos in 2002, Emerson Leão was invited to take on another challenge at the club, but refused President Andres Rueda’s proposal to join the football department as manager.

Peixe heard a “no” from Leão in July and, according to the former goalkeeper, tried again after coach Lisca left last week, when Leão again refused. There was also no agreement with Vanderlei Luxemburgo.

“I’ve already received several invitations and I didn’t accept, it’s just that I learned in football and in life not to say never. Santos came to me, the president called me several times. I had a telephone conversation with him and I showed that it was not possible. trust”, said Leão, in an interview with UOL Esportebefore explaining their reasons.

“Honestly no [se o convite o balançou]. I hadn’t talked to Rueda yet, he’s calm. I would like to help you, but I am in a moment of rebuilding life and it was not possible now. I have a special affection for Santos and that will not change”, added the 73-year-old coach.

Without being a coach since 2012, when he spent time at São Caetano, Leão does not rule out working as a manager. As a coach, however, never again.

“From the moment I said I would leave football as a coach, I won’t go back. It’s been a few years since I made the decision and I’m satisfied. I’ve lived on the pitch for 50 years, it was time for more time for me and my family. chance of returning as a coach is zero,” he said.

Frustration with Santos

Emerson Leão is disappointed with the moment of the Fish. Multichampion, the club has not won a trophy since 2016 and fought against relegation in the last Brazilian Championship and in the two recent editions of Paulistão.

Leão values ​​the administrative improvement of Santos in the management of Andres Rueda, but sees errors in the conduct of football and fewer talent revelations.

“I see how everyone who passed through Santos, likes it or supports it… With disappointment. A tradition cannot remain as it is. I had the possibility to arrive at Santos more or less as it is now [antes de ser campeão em 2002]. Rueda is hitting a lot off the field, keeping his accounts up to date, but on the field Santos need honesty and ability to help. Santos cannot let its tradition end. The tradition of Santos is victory, title and making new athletes “, evaluated him.

“I think a lot [perdeu identidade]. Department has changed… I don’t know now, I can’t say, but Santos had a lot of people taking care of outside Santos and football, just investors. This did not generate what was intended from Santos about renewal every year. And a third phase of Meninos da Vila? Stopped on second. From a distance it would be like this… A relapse on my part to analyze now. From the people I know and have friendships in Santos, they say it’s very far away [a terceira fase]”, he concluded.

Other excerpts from the interview with Leão:

Foreign coaches in Brazil
“Before he’s a foreigner, he needs to be a coach. First, for you to invite someone you have to have a resume, or some knowledge of the case. I think being a foreigner doesn’t kill anyone. Now, you have to be a good foreigner, a good worker and have perks like anyone here in our country. A lot of people arrive and a lot of people leave and, sometimes, it is not even commented on. Because when a foreigner arrives for a great team that is already a great one, he still asks for a contract, logically he is acquiring a security post.”

Against foreigner in charge of the selection
“I don’t have any restrictions like anyone else. One thing I’ve always said and I’ll say it again. I don’t admit it, I don’t admit it, I don’t agree if one day it could happen that a foreigner manages the Brazilian team. We don’t need that. our coaches worldwide recognition. I think it’s a matter of empowering them. Nothing more than that.”

Tite support
“I think we need to hug him in this last attempt to win the World Cup. [antes de o treinador deixar o cargo após a disputa do Mundial do Qatar]. It’s not the time to criticize or anything. It’s time to hug him in a big way. The team lost some credibility. We need to seek that credibility again. It’s having a forward current, as it used to be.”

Substitute for Tite in the selection
“I think the Brazilian national team coach doesn’t need to be permanent. He can’t lose the day-to-day bond with Brazilian football. And unfortunately, that happened. I don’t have a name.” [preferido para assumir a seleção], because a name doesn’t stand out for a day, it stands out for jobs. Of course, if I were the man to choose, I would have one, two, three in my head. It would be younger coaches who could, through the next year, show the reality of the facts. You do a survey, you do a survey and you observe.”

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