Messages received by former Petrobras president could incriminate Bolsonaro

Former Petrobras president Roberto Castello Branco said messages could

Former Petrobras president Roberto Castello Branco said messages could “incriminate” Bolsonaro in private conversations (Photo: EVARISTO SA/AFP via Getty Images)

The Ministry of Mines and Energy has treated as confidential messages from the corporate cell phone used by Roberto Castello Branco, former president of Petrobras. According to information from columnist Lauro Jardim, from the newspaper O Globo, Castello Branco would have said in a Whatsapp group that the content could incriminate President Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

Two parliamentarians sent requests to the ministry to ask for a report and documents prepared by Petrobras. The folder then informed that the documents are considered confidential.

According to information from the newspaper O Globo, one of the requests was presented by deputy Elias Vaz (PSB-GO). The parliamentarian questioned whether any audit, investigation or procedure was instituted to analyze the content of the messages. The deputy also asked for a full copy of the files and files preserved on the device.

In addition to him, deputy Natália Bonavides (PT-RN) also questioned which requests were taken in relation to the corporate cell phone used by Castello Branco and who would have access to the content. The deputy also asked who had access to the messages.

According to Lauro Jardim, in both requests the Ministry of Mines and Energy treated the case as “secret” and “confidential”.

Roberto Castello Branco told O Globo that he testified at the PGR and that there was an attempt by Bolsonaro to interfere in fuel prices and appoint directors.

“I did not obey any request. So much so that I got fired. I immediately brought these matters to the attention of my superiors. There was nothing beyond that. The word ‘incriminate’ was used in the midst of a private discussion, in a moment of irritation with my interlocutor,” he declared.

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