Retirement in Brazil is among the worst in the world: not to work until you die, don’t just depend on the INSS — discover ‘the secret’ to retire faster

What I’m going to tell you may not come as a surprise, after all we all know that retirement in Brazil can be a great challenge for those who depend only on INSS. Our country is among the worst in the world to retire, according to the global ranking prepared by Natixix Investment Managers, which considers factors such as health and economic well-being in old age in 44 developed and large emerging countries.

To give you an idea, Brazil occupies the 43rd place and lags behind Colombia, Turkey, Cyprus and even Hungary. The only country that loses to us is the India.

And there’s more: in 2022 things only got worse. According to the ranking, this has been one of the worst years in recent history for those planning to have a better quality of life after quitting work.

No wonder, with the inflation eating freely all over the world – causing energy, fuel, food and housing prices to skyrocket -, recession perspective for the largest global economies and unstable economic scenario here and abroad, the feeling that we will never retire awakens more and more fear among workers. Especially those who only depend on the INSS.

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Moving on… Truth be told: if you’re not doing your nest egg today, you may have to spend the rest of your life working hard. But you don’t need to be held hostage by the government to guarantee your standard of living in old age, there is an alternative: private pension.

Calm. I know what you may be thinking right now: “these are expensive and poor quality services that the banks just want to shove me ‘down my throat’ to make money”. Not quite, private pensions are not (necessarily) stolen. Come on…

Currently, the market offers excellent alternatives for private pensionwith low management fees, no loading fees, with investment portfolios of different profiles and professionals who are much more qualified to offer the type of plan that is most suitable for each client, in addition to the abundant information available for investors to understand what they are investing in.

Retirement as soon as possible: what are the benefits of private pension?

The main difference between a pension plan and a “normal” fund is the tax benefits, which make the accumulation process much faster and more efficient over longer periods of time.

In a post on our Instagram page, we reveal how you can ‘do well’ if you invest in private pension in the long term, after all, you will pay much less income tax.

To give you an idea, while with private pension there are two taxation tables to choose from (with the possibility of paying only 10% of IR), other financial investments are usually taxed at 15% (in the case of shares and equity funds), 20% (in the case of the appreciation of real estate funds and, soon, of stock dividends) or at rates that vary from 22.5 % to 15%, depending on the application period (in the case of most funds and fixed income), there is the possibility of paying

All the benefits and how to choose the best plan for you to escape the INSS so you don’t have to work yourself to the end of your life are in a publication on our Instagram page.

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